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Posted by GiulyRotarry on January 26th, 2013

With more than 500 kinds in the world, air plants are available to suit the needs of almost every one. They are huge types of Xerographica and small Ionantha Peanuts. They are such types of plants that can be displayed in countless ways. Plants in pot are not for upside down hanging that are connected with sculpture made of wood, plastic, ceramics or stone but tillandsia has the ability to be used for this purpose. Lots of people have made impressive plant sculptures, wreaths and even ornaments from them. They have the ability to glue, strap or even wired with almost everything. People also use them on the wine corks and after the use of wine bottle, they save it with lots of care. Most of the people have also used them on their weddings. Xerographic is specially used in the bouquets of brides and in the form of tables’ centerpieces. Small plants can be converted into amazing boutonnieres for the grooms’ dresses.

Another remarkable specialty of air plants lies in the way of reproduction. They pass through the phases of growth, ripeness, bud and reproduce by certain formation of “Pups”. Whenever a person sees them in the morning, they squeal with pleasure. Later, pups are converted into tiny shoots and then grow with great speed quickly. At this stage, you need to make a decision. These plants grow about two to eight pups. It depends on you, whether you allow them to grow into a big ball or bunch or not. When the main plant dies, it is gently removed from the place and then the growing plants are required to take the generation. Another thing you need to do is to detach pups from the main plant when they are teenagers. When the size of pups is one-third or two-third of the main plant, they are removed gently and placed in a separate place to grow.

Another reason that why they are free to grow to the large number is, the blooming stage of air plants. When dozens of plants grow in a huge number and suddenly bloom, this creates a wonderful explosion of flowers and colors. Lots of leaves spread pink, purple, red, yellow or various colors depending upon the type of plant, attracting birds and other pollinators. People get crazy when the air plants begin to bloom. The blooming stage is so wonderful that no one remains resisted presenting them off to family and friends.

The roots of these plants are useful for the purpose of attachment and works well to maintain the moisture collection option. Some air plants are beneficial for water wild life such as toads and frogs. Basically, these plants are grown in South America’s tropical forests instead of mountainous and deserted regions in Southern hemisphere. If you grow these plants indoor, they will add great beauty into your home. They work well even under fluorescent light, but make sure that do not keep them too long because their leaves might get burnt.

To make your wedding and special events remarkable make use of air plants and tillandsia. You can have wide variety of plants that ranges from small to huge ones.

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