Regnskapsf?rer Sandnes: Making Things Easier

Posted by vijayvinson on January 26th, 2013

If you are a Norwegian company doing business in Sandnes or Stavanger, cities lying in the Southern part of the country, you know how important a role is played by accounting in deciding the fortunes of the company. Accounting is important for a business owner in many ways. Choosing the right Regnskapsfører Sandnes is as important as accounting itself. This becomes clear after the accounting period spanning a year is complete. If you are the owner, you must introspect if you have the sufficient time and knowledge to look after this important aspect of a business. If not, it is prudent to hire a Regnskapsfører Stavanger that serves the interests of the business in a much better manner.

Hire a certified public accountant and remain stress free

Let us see how outsourcing the accounting needs of your company to a Regnskapsfører Sandnes helps your business. Firstly, not having a sound knowledge of the principles of accounting can cause you to make mistakes while recording financial transactions. On the other hand, all such entries made by a certified accountant are bound to be correct thereby presenting the right financial picture of your business. The figures submitted by Regnskapsfører Sandnes to the tax department are correct and you file the right taxes thereby having peace of mind always.

Give your time to business and not accounts

 Having a certified public accountant in Stavanger also means a lot to a business no matter which industry it is involved with or what the size of the business is. Regnskapsfører Stavanger makes keeping accounts a breeze and allows a business owner to divert all his energies towards other, more productive areas of his business. Not only are all entries correct to have uniformity in the procedure but it is easier for a business owner to understand the direction s business is taking.

Choose the right public accountant

To be a certified public accountant in Norway, a person must be a resident of the state and he should have a permanent office inside the country. He should have passed accounting exams in accordance with the provisions of the Finance Authority of Norway. A certified public accountant is capable of, and is authorized, to attest the financial statements of a business. If you have utilized the services of Regnskapsfører Stavanger to look after the preparation of financial statements of your business, it is proof enough that you have adhered to the GAAP which is an acronym standing for generally accepted accounting principles.

Certified public accountants are neutral and maintain independence which is required by the law. This is also necessary as these professionals have to carry out financial audits of the companies and also attest their financial statements. Regnskapsfører Stavanger is a professional who is also known for his services in preparing income tax returns. If you utilize the services of a Regnskapsfører Sandnes,   you are free from all mental worries as all your accounts are in proper shape and attested and your income tax has also been taken care of.

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