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Posted by juliabennet on January 26th, 2013

The 1960’s brought an end to the idealization of housework. Women suddenly abandoned their aprons, considered to be old fashion pieces that could be worn only by the too conservative women and maybe grandmothers. This consequence was normally coming after a change in the conception concerning the status of modern women. The role of only being a housewife was already believed dull and ordinary, so that most women did not feel rewarded and satisfied but outside their homes. Recent years, however, have shown a real comeback of the quasi eternal apron, thanks to a series of cultural factors. Women began to collect vintage aprons as fashion elements. Funny aprons have a special place among the preferences of the hobbyists.

There was a decline of popularity in the 60’s that caused aprons to be worn as symbols of the workplaces, with the single function of protection for their garments. Aprons were also regarded as a kind of uniform, especially in some places like the food trades. Meat cutters, waitresses and cooks, but also hairdressers and barbers were wearing aprons as a reminiscence of the past.

The resurrection of aprons had causes related to cultural factors. Among them, the ever increasing sympathy for cooking and a new trend meaning the return to the kitchen have triggered this tremendous comeback of the apron as an indispensable component. Cooking shows and the appraisement for quality meals practically made from scratch have shown the true mission of aprons as practical garments. This new style, including full-length aprons with very long ties that surrounded the person’s back and then were tied at the front, and aprons made of sturdy fabric as well, became very popular.

A raising public interest in hand made funny aprons, both full and half length was determined by the development of the craft movement. Homemade aprons began to be a constant presence at church bazaars. They can also be ordered on many Internet craft sites.

The constantly growing interest in the vintage look and retro fashion has made many young women to search for old fashioned style pieces, such as aprons. Pattern companies come with a wide assortment of new and reprinted versions of vintage aprons.

The great interest in this type of garments had as a result the diversification of decorations which made them even more beautiful. Exquisite aprons made from attractive fabrics can be found in fashionable boutiques. Their style is sometimes unusual and decorations may seem bizarre.

There is a long history aprons has passed through, with many ups and downs, but they certainly are those favourite and practical pieces of clothing that accompany us both at work and in relaxing activities. Vintage aprons still keep the perfume of old times and make us feel a little closer to those moments when, as children, we were looking for the warmth and tenderness of our grandmother’s apron.

Funny aprons are a special category of aprons, meant to bring some joy to their wearer’s lives. They may be found among vintage aprons, in antiquity shops or flea markets.

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