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Suddenlink Internet Not Working & How Can I Change Wi-fi Password of Suddenlink?

Posted by Maria2216 on June 22nd, 2020

Some users reports about the non-working of the internet service which is provided by this company.

This issue can be resolved by anyone by following some of the basic methods.
How to solve the problem of Suddenlink internet not working?
Any user will be able to solve the Suddenlink internet problem by using these techniques which are given below.
Troubleshoot the modem of Suddenlink
Troubleshooting is one of the most commonly used solutions for resolving the technical failure of the system that is used by the people around the world.

A user is required to unplug all the connections supplying power to the modem by plugging out all the cables and re-plug them after waiting for a few minutes.
If you are using the wireless model then it is recommended to use the ethernet cable for obtaining the network signals.
Using Wi-Fi extender is also a very good option for rooting out the problem of getting low or improper signals of the network connection.
If you are using the Co-axial cable then it is recommended to check the cable for any damage, if found then replace it with another one.
Update the firmware of the modem
If the software of Suddenlink lacks any update that is required to remove any bug from the system which is hampering the working of the internet then it may cause the network connection to work improperly.

Thus, a user is recommended to update the software of the Suddenlink to get impeccable service of the internet connection.
Restart the Suddenlink device
Restarting the device is considered as one of the best methods to solve the non-working issue of the internet as this problem is generally caused by the over-heating of the hardware.

A user can restart any or all of these devices to make the internet work again.

Computer or PC (Desktop devices).
Modem (wired or wireless).
Router of Suddenlink

In addition to them, the user can opt for the option of keeping the device and modem close to each other for solving the problem of the internet not working if it is caused by weak network signals.

The user can also update the OS of the device on which a user is facing the problem of Suddenlink internet connection.
How to reset the password of Suddenlink Wi-Fi?
A user can also amend the pass-code of Suddenlink Wi-Fi to remove this issue and it is always recommended to keep changing the pass-code of Suddenlink Wi-Fi for decreasing the chances of cracking of password by any other user.
What is the process to change the password of Wi-Fi?
A user can change the pass-code of Suddenlink Wi-Fi by following the process that is given below.

Open any internet browser and enter the gateway address in the search bar.
This will redirect the user to the web-page of the modem.
Enter the username and password in the required web-field.
Navigate to the settings section of the account.
Select the option of Password Change and enter the current password.
Create a new password for the Suddenlink Wi-Fi and enter it again to provide the confirmation of the newly created pass-code.
In the end, the user should click on Save to complete the password change process.

If the user is not able to resolve the issue of Suddenlink Internet Not Working by using the methods that are given above then he can contact the customer support of Suddenlink to obtain the necessary information.

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