Sexflesh: The Ultimate Breakthrough Material For All Sex Dolls And Toys

Posted by adairsawyer on January 31st, 2013

The best sex dolls are the ones that are most realistic. Not only do they have all the features of an actual man or woman, they also feel the same thanks to a great new material called SexFlesh. This feels like real skin so it is more pleasurable and is durable too.

Almost any adult nowadays knows about sex dolls. They know that the best kinds are those with 99.8% realistic skin because it is made of silicone. This makes it feel just like a real man or woman since the sexual characteristics are all there. The best dolls can also be positioned in any manner. During the actual sex act, approximately a hundred sensors are activated, including around 30 in the genital and erogenous zones. Activation causes the doll to respond by movement so the experience feels extra realistic. 

Additionally, when penetrated, the best sex dolls speak in an erotic whisper-like sound, just like a real man or woman’s seductive bedroom voice. This automated speech feature is also connected to a system that identifies 16 intimate instructions from a distance of around 2 meters. They also feature an exciting material that makes them much more pleasurable to use.

A Breakthrough Material In The Adult Toy Industry

When buying adult toys like sex dolls, some products might have caught your attention, especially the ones made with SexFlesh. This is an innovative and specially-developed material that has become commonly used for the best adult toys. Its invention represented one of the true breakthroughs in the sex toy industry, which then quickly and widely accepted its use.

The Best And Most Realistic Material

A great adult toy should be as realistic as it can be which is why SexFlesh is the preferred material for sex dolls and all other kinds of these toys. It is stretchable and smooth so it isn’t irritating to human skin when being used, as when a man is using the toy. Touching it feels like real skin. In fact, spanking it will also produce a similar sound as true skin, so this is great even for those with this kind of fetish. Toys made for women can also be made from this material.

For women, the great thing about SexFlesh toys is the fact that there is no startlingly cold sensation that they can get from other plastics or synthetics. Unsurprisingly, they prefer this material for male sex dolls, vibrators and dildos. The material quickly warms when held or touched so it feels much better to use. Women only need lubricants and something to clean up the toy for proper maintenance after use.

Lasts Much Longer

In terms of durability, SexFlesh can really last long especially if well taken care of. The elasticity ensures that it will be great to use even as time goes by; unlike other materials that lose elasticity, peel off and get torn. Of all the innovations in adult toys, this is probably the most significant.

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