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Dohars v/s Comforters: Why dohar is better than a comforter?

Posted by amrinaalshaikh on June 22nd, 2020

The best time after a long stressful day is to find comfort under your quilts (Dohar) with your special someone, or even pet cuddling them close under the comfortable warmth from your dohar. Under your dohar, scrolling through your phones or even reading your favourite book. It gives you the perfect warmth, just like the feeling your mother hugged you tight during the cold winter night when you were a little child.

The climate of India is mostly inclined to the warmer side. Therefore you await the winter were you snuggle under your dohar for the perfect amount of warmth. Dohars can be used through all the seasons compared to comforters. 

What are Comforters and Dohars made of?

Comforters are more heavily made due to the thick-padding to prevent loss of heat. Even though it might be ideal for cold winter nights, it isn’t the right choice during hot summer nights. They are usually made of wool, down feather, or silk, but nowadays, polyester battings are used as an alternative. The weight and the insulation level are generally determined by the loft of the filling in a comforter. 

Dohars or quilts are denser and have just three layers, a layer that consists of the filling material, which is mostly cotton or wool. This layer is between the top and bottom layer of the dohar, which is made with patches of clothes stitched together. It is the perfect choice throughout the year.

Dohars come in various colors, patterns, and price ranges. It is soft to touch and feels light while sleeping. It’s ideal for the climatic conditions of India. Comforters were first made in England as they have a more cold climate. India leans more to the warmer side, and dohars act as the perfect choice.  

You can check out some high-quality dohar online. Welspun Dohar Online is one such company that provides cost-efficient but high-quality dohars, with a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns to choose from. A wide variety of dohar online can help you get your desired style to match your aesthetic and your room. It enables you to customize your bedroom to your liking and your personality.

Which is more practical when it comes to cleanliness?

Dohars are more comfortable to wash, just a rinse with cold water and some mild detergent is all it needs. It dries up much quicker and, if required, can also be ironed at a medium setting. Comforters tend to be difficult to wash at home; therefore, service is required when it needs a rinse.  

Comforters are incredibly comfortable but are only practical to a certain extent. At the same time, dohars are not just soft but very practical in our everyday life. For best deals on dohars, check out Welspun Dohar Online! Grab your perfect dohars today. 


Q1. How much does a comforter weigh?

A1The weight of a comforter usually depends on the type of material and the thickness of the padding. It varies from around 8 pounds (3.6kg) to about 14 pounds (6.3kg).

Q2. Are dohars easy to maintain?

A2. Dohars are easy to maintain; you have to follow the simple rules mentioned on its tag.

Q3. What is the size of a king-size comforter?

A3. The ideal size of a king size comforter is 101in (257cm) width x 90in(229) length.

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