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How to get the right shoes for your feet while shopping online?

Posted by shopper007 on June 22nd, 2020

With the rising popularity of online footwear stores, more and more customers choose to shop online, in the comfort of home. One good thing with online shopping is that you don't even have to step outside and still get dressed up from your head to feet. But while choosing shoes online, most of us are worried about getting the wrong size. Worry no more! After reading these tips, the next time you spot a good pair of shoes online, nothing will stop you from buying them!

Know Your Exact Size

The shoe size varies from one brand to another. Therefore you can always take the measurement of your feet in centimetre or inch so that you can compare it with the size chart of the brand.

Whether you need to take the measurement in centimetres or inches depends on the brand. You have to follow the measuring guidelines so that you can be sure of the right fit. In the branding size charts, there are different types of measurements -

  • Size in centimetres

  • Size in inches

  • EU number

  • UK number 

  • US number

Start With the Right Foot

Do you know that the size of both your feet is not the same? Therefore while measuring the size of your feet, you need to measure the larger foot. By this way, you can choose the right pair of shoes. It's common to have one foot larger than the other and the majority of the people have feet of 2 different sizes.

Consider the Shape of Your Shoe

While choosing shoes, you have to pay close attention to the shoes that you've selected. Since pointed nose shoes are generally smaller, you have to choose a size larger. Suppose if the instep of your feet is high, then you can prefer shoes having zippers either in the heel portion, sides or in the front portion. If you have wide feet, then try not to buy pointed shoes. 

Size Variation While Using Socks

The size of your feet varies while wearing socks and without socks. Therefore, to get the right size, always measure your feet after wearing socks. For instance, wearing socks can change a women's foot size from 7 to 7.5- there will be a half an inch increase in size. 

Opt For Trustworthy Brands

If you shop from the brand websites that you already know, and that are trustworthy, the better it will be. Choose from official brand websites and pre-owned brands so that you get the best product. Whenever you buy shoes, visit the website's about page and check for details like product description, size and other details. 

Choose Shoes Made of High-quality Material

While shopping online, it's hard to understand the quality of the shoes, but it is something that you need to know while buying. Shoes made of high-quality material are both durable and comfortable to wear. You can find the material with which the shoe is made of in the product description, go through product images and even customer reviews. Famous footwear brands such as Walkaroo is a best example of some of the brands that offer quality footwear online.

Read Customer Reviews 

A vast majority of customers read reviews before they buy products online. There will be reviews where the size, quality and comfort in wearing the shoes are mentioned. There are product images uploaded by the customers so that other customers can also view the images. You can also get an idea about the trustworthiness of the brand through customer reviews. You also get a glimpse of the customer service and return policy through customer reviews. 

Shop from Where You had Past Buying Experience

Since the size is consistent for a single brand, the sizes for different styles of shoes will be the same. So, you can guess the size of other styles of shoes, if you know your size of a certain type of shoe. For instance, most probably, you will be using the same size for Walkaroo lifestyle shoes and Walkaroo formal shoes

Look For Product Specifications and Images 

Never skip reading the product specifications before you buy. The product specification mostly contains details like material, colour, the height of the heel etc. Reading these details help you clear all the doubts in your mind. If you still have doubts, you can even contact the customer care. Most of the famous online footwear companies have a very good customer support team as well. Images are as important as product specifications. We mostly buy shoes on the basis of product images. View the images in detail and from different perspectives. 

Check the Return Policy

What if there emerges a need to return the shoes after receiving your product? Therefore, it's essential that you need to read the return policy of the brand. Check whether you need to pay for the return, or will you get the money back etc. Some brands offer an in-store return, and some offer it for free.

Buying shoes online is very much convenient, since you can buy a pair of shoes regardless of whether it is day or night, you have more colour and style options, and most importantly, size options. And buying will be much easier if you're sure about your size.

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