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Posted by Teambuildingmadeeasy on February 1st, 2013

Companies and individual entrepreneurs are increasingly recognizing the impact of team building on the production process and the attitude of employees towards their job. The team that laughs together play together tends to help each other in their day to day work. It has been proved that a friendly environment within the organization increases productivity and decreases the rate of attrition. This saves money and increases the profit margin. However, teambuilding activities may be required to work as a catalyst, to make that happen.

There can be several types of team building activities, the notion being the participation of every team member of the organization. It is fun, full of enthusiasm and there is a lot to learn. The activity can be an action game, a game of treasure hunt or any other such activity where every member of the team can participate. The activity requires being engaging, and a mandatory one, to participate. The outcome of such activities are better bonding and collaboration, creativity development, relaxation, motivation, health, fun, feeling of completeness and a business massage that the company wants to convey to its team.

Different Team Building Activities:

Teambuilding activities can be both indoor and outdoor. If you don’t have enough space or just want to arrange the activity within a closed area then you can choose culinary team building. In case of cooking, you require to arrange the equipments, vegetables and other required items. Let them cook together and eat the prepared food with each other. You can also arrange activities that do not require any equipment as such. Body percussion and aboriginal stories can be tried out in a team. The aboriginal stories are stories that are not written in words. People perform them through demonstration, symbols and meanings. This is an art form, which requires a good amount of brain work. Body percussion is a form of exhilaration that makes several people transform into one. The bodies follow a rhythm and this should not be broken. Outdoor activities such as beach Olympians, corporate cricket, film making, and survivor can be tried out.

It is crucial to manage the team building exercises well, and the idea has to be as creative as possible. There are companies in Australia that organize these activities, and they can be found online. Search for companies with outcome oriented programs, online, to make a difference in your team.

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