Looking Good In Micro Bikini ? Essential Tips

Posted by tedmark on February 3rd, 2013

 Micro bikini is a type of swimwear that has been designed to provide extremely low coverage to the wearer so that much of the body remains exposed. Such a swimwear comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors but the most common design is one that comes with a thong-styled bottom and triangle-cupped tops. Because of the high degree of exposure that it provides, this type of bikini is usually worn by bold women who do not mind showing off their bodies to the world. For others who would still like to try it out, mixing and matching is the way to go.

It was on the luxurious beaches of Brazil that the micro bikini made its first appearance during the 1960s’ when women began tucking in their normal bathing suits with the intention of acquiring a more uniform natural tan. Observing this trend set an individual thinking in terms of creating a swimsuit that would automatically take care of tanning needs without needing to be tucked. The result was an extremely skimpy bikini which became a rage in Rio and then soon caught on all over the world. Since then this variety of swim wear has endured through the decades to remain alive even today.

While choosing a micro bikini is not a difficult task at all, something that does require consideration is how the wearer would look in it. Needless to say maximum exposure means even the undesirable parts will show and the entire look will be affected due to this. Therefore, if you are due to go for a beach vacation wherein you will be wearing a bikini most of the time, then your first objective should be to alter your regime and prepare your body accordingly. If nothing is more embarrassing than showing off your extra pounds, nothing could beat the feeling of having a glamorous physique too.

Attitude and determination are factors that play a seminal role here and one of the best ways of putting them into action would be to embark on a strict diet and exercise regime. Regulating your diet in terms of reducing sugar intake and including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables would ensure that the extra pounds melt away to leave behind a slim and trim figure fit for a bikini. Going on a diet just because you wish to look great in a micro bikini does not mean compromising on your nourishment. This can be ensured by eating several small portions throughout the day instead of one or two big meals.

Exercising alongside a stringent diet regime is a must especially if it is your intention to bring out your best when clad in a micro bikini. The best way to go about it would entail trying out the bikini at home in front of the mirror and pinpointing specific areas that are in need of improvement. For example, if you feel that your abdomen is sticking out then your work-out must emphasize on exercises that are meant for flattening the stomach. Likewise, you can build your arms by doing weights and tone your leg muscles by walking or jogging regularly as your body permits.

Cultivation of good grooming habits is a must if a micro bikini is a part of the wardrobe as lack of it can have exactly the opposite affect. All the undesirable and unsightly hair on body and face should be removed so that the skin appears smooth, soft and supple. For those who find grooming on a regular basis extremely painful, nowadays there are laser techniques which promise permanent removal of hair without harming the skin. Artificial tanning forms a part of the bikini grooming system as well and should be indulged into since it has been found to be more protective towards the skin. 

Everyone enjoys the warmth of the sun's rays on their bodies and what better way to revel in this than wearing a micro bikini while on the beach? Because a bikini is the type of swimwear that leaves little to imagination, it should be worn on a body that has nothing to hide or feel embarrassed about.

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