What are the UK laws related to throwing knives and pocket knives?

Posted by sophiamilller on February 3rd, 2013

In the UK there are specific laws related to the possession of knives. Whether it is one of the large throwing knives or small pocket knives one needs to know the laws related to the possession of these weapons. Knives are lethal killers and hence, they shouldn’t be in the hands of those that cannot use them responsibly. This is why the laws are in place and anyone caught breaking the laws can face severe penalties.

In the UK the 1689 Bill of Rights says that the Parliament can control the possession of arms. The Parliament, over the last 60 years has brought out tougher and tougher laws that restrict the possession and use of bladed tools and knives. When it comes to laws related to the possession of throwing knives, pocket knives and other kinds of the knives the UK has the most comprehensive set of laws in place.

The Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1959 (amended 1961) doesn't allow any importing, selling, hiring, lending or gifting of certain types of knives in England, Wales, and Scotland as of 13 June 1959.

Section 139 in the Criminal Justice Act 1988 is about carrying knives in a public place. Anyone violating this act is guilty of offense and the law pertains to all blades and sharply pointed objects except pocket knives. However, if the cutting edge of the blade of a folding pocket knife exceeds 3 inches in length it falls under the purview of this law. The defence has to prove that the person charged under this law had sufficient reason or legal authority to carry a knife.

Apart from these two laws there are other laws like the Offensive Weapons Act 1996 and the Knives Act 1997 that relate to the possession of knives like throwing knives and other types of knives.

Do you know why the laws are so strict on the possession of various knives like throwing knives and pocket knives? The laws have been made strict due to the increasing number of knife related crimes in the country. While most people are peace loving and they put knives to proper use there are enough criminal elements in the country that can wreak havoc with these deadly weapons.

Think of a situation where you are walking back home after a nice dinner. You have your companion with you and the two of you are engaged in a nice conversation as you walk back. Suddenly someone comes brandishing a large knife and asks for your wallet. A sick criminal may even compromise the modesty of your lady. What can you do in such a situation? You protest and may be killed by a single movement of the knife. This is how deadly a knife can be. To ensure that law abiding citizens of the country don’t face these issues the government has ensured that proper knife laws are in place.

Throwing knives and pocket knives are very useful items provided they are used properly. The laws try and ensure this.

Laws in the UK related to the possession of throwing knives and pocket knives are extremely strict and so they should be.

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