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Improper disposal of superseded electronic parts in our landfills releases copper, mercury, cadmium, zinc, lead and other such deadly toxins into our water, soil and atmosphere. This causes a wide range of health and environmental problems. In fact, CRTs or cathode ray tubes found in television sets and computer monitors contain over 4 pounds of lead alone. Keeping this in mind, the land disposal of CRTs faced prohibition in Chicago, thereby encouraging their reuse and recycling. This can save energy and also conserve resources, allowing recycled glass cullets to be reused for the manufacturing of new CRTs. This leads of reduction in the amount of lead in the landfills.

Importance of Chicago CRT glass recycling

A reputed Chicago CRT glass recycling company specializes in recycling CRT glass found in computer monitors and televisions. With state-of-the-art system of recycling, they offer best solution for CRT glass recycling within Chicago. With the help of specially designed machinery and processes, they can clean, bifurcate and remove CRT glass contamination to make it ready for glass recycling. Glass recycling refers to the recycling process of CRT glass from CRTs and using it as an ingredient for manufacturing new cathode ray tubes. With the help of numerous quality controls, CRT glass is processed and cleaned to meet the standards required for glass recycling.

Why to do Chicago CRT glass recycling

Cathode ray tubes are delivered to these companies as intact tubes. With the help of specially designed machines and processes, phosphor coatings and metal contamination are removed from these tubes, and they are separated into funnel glass and panel glass. Then, this glass is ready to be processed with a specific cleaning system. During this process, the coatings of silicate and graphite, aluminum oxide, iron oxide and other harmful substances are removed. After this, a once waste stream CRT is transformed into a useful product which can be used for glass recycling. By removing lead from the CRTs, glass recycling procedures avoids environmental impact associated with the processing and mining of raw lead from the ore. It also helps in saving energy and resources, including water and raw materials.

As CRT glass is a major component in any television or computer monitor, it needs to be recycled to prevent any hazardous environmental outcomes. There are several CRT glass recycling companies in Chicago. If you wish to responsibly recycle your computer monitor and television, then you are encouraged to contact these companies. Once you send your CRT to these companies, they will check whether it needs recycling or proper disposal. Depending on this, they will process your CRT and recycle or dispose it in the safest manner possible, thus saving the environment in the best possible way.

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