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Traditional Wooden Looks in Furniture Upgrades the Style

Posted by duroplywood on June 23rd, 2020

If you are pondering about what kind of door to be installed in your office or home, then peep into some advantages of a wooden door. Many people assume wood has only aesthetic value, but there are more benefits than the beholder sees.


Wood can withstand temperature fluctuation due to its natural composition. Wood doors keep your room temperature optimal. As it inherits high R-value, it is a good natural insulator and a bad conductor of heat. R-value is a unit of measurement of how a two-dimensional construction like; window, a layer of insulation, ceiling, or a complete wall, defends against the conductive gush of heat.  You can apply certain paint on your wooden door to make it more tolerant to heat.

During summer, it keeps the indoor cool and fresh from the scorching heat flowing outside. In bitter winter, it keeps your office or home warm and cozy, by maintaining the warm air inside. Irrespective of the weather outside, wooden doors keep the indoor comfort. Wooden door manufacturers not only build elegant doors that add aesthetic value to your property, but it saves your energy bill also. Another point is, the wooden door keeps outside noise at bay, compared to other materials.

Retro look

Wood is very closely associated with elegance, style, and traditional value. The archetypal, elegant appearance of wood is unbeatable. You can paint the door with any color; the choice is endless. Wood is subjected to wear and tear over time, but regular maintenance like polishing, painting increases its life expectancy. Wooden doors, if maintained properly, can last for a lifetime. If you want a door that looks majestic, classic, and regal, it should be crafted out of wood. The elegance that a wooden door carries is unmatched when compared to another door.

Plywood for furniture

After your visitor enters through the grand, elegant wooden door, the décor must be as impressive as the front door. Selecting plywood for furniture, the most important point to consider is whether the piece of furniture will be exposed to water. A dining table placed in the kitchen or kitchen cabinet doors is likely to be exposed to moisture and water. In this case, your best option is BWRorBWP grade plywood. BWP stands for boiling water-resistant and BWP for boiling waterproof.

If the piece of furniture is to be placed outside in locations like a garden or in the balcony, then you can use marine-grade plywood. This type of plywood is a bit costly and mostly used in industrial applications. But BWP/BWR grade plywood is good enough to withstand the onslaught of moisture and other external influences.

If you want to make furniture for internal use in places like; living room or bedroom for cabinets or wall panels, then MR (Moisture Resistant) plywood is ideal. MR is not identical to BWR/BWP. MR grade plywood can endure some degree of moisture, and this type is cheaper than BWR grade plywood.

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