Free competitions exist ? just find the right ones

Posted by adairsawyer on February 5th, 2013

Does anything in this world come for free? Apparently not... This is what most people like you and I think. And true – it doesn’t harm us to be cautious. While the internet has been a wonderful thing to have happened to the human race it has also brought along its vices. Search for free stuff online and you will have millions of search results. Who do you believe and who don’t? This is precisely what stops us from applying in free competitions. But there are genuine giveaways available online and these competitions offer excellent prizes. It is all about finding the right free competition and applying.

The whole concept of sounds free competitions sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? How can someone give away free gifts to you without you having to invest anything in it? But then free giveaways are like this only. You find a competition, enter your name in it and before you know you find out that you have won something really nice. Something really nice could mean a large LED TV or a latest smartphone or even movie tickets. Now something like this would be something wonderful for anyone. Of course, one needs to be lucky but then one needs to be lucky in so many things in life. And here you don’t even have to spend anything for being eligible for a surprise prize, not even too much time.

As to the “how” of free competitions there is a simple explanation for it. Some company wants to promote their products and services through promotions like this. For example, if a global company wants to open their business in Australia they would look at all those means through which they can attract the attention of Australians. Free giveaway promotions could be perfect for this. Who doesn’t like giveaways especially if they don’t have to worry about the fine print and the terms and conditions? The company running the promotion will immediately earn goodwill of the people.

Very often companies offer their own products and services when they run free competitions. For example, if a new weight loss pill has to be promoted people may be given samples of the pill for free. To add value to the prize some other goodies may also be thrown in. But there are companies that want to promote their brand first and then their products and services. So, they may offer completely unrelated products as giveaways that can create a great “wow” among people. It all depends on the marketing strategy of a company and the amount of investment it is willing to make.

For you as a visitor of one of the websites there is not much to be done. Just enter your email ID in the space provided and you are eligible for one of the free giveaways. Of course, I expect you to go through the details of the website and the giveaways competition before you enter your email ID. You don’t want your personal information to be compromised.

Free competitions and giveaways do exist and you need to find the right ones.

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