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Posted by adairsawyer on February 6th, 2013

“Is it worthwhile entering my name into free competitions?” Asking this question is akin to asking, “Is it worthwhile gambling?” Everyone knows that gambling involves luck and still there are millions of people worldwide that gamble or bet money on sports. Entering your name into free giveaways is actually better than gambling or sports betting because you don’t need to pay any money here. You find websites and competitions online and enter your email address to be considered for the lucky draw. And if you are lucky who knows what all you can win?

What all can you win? Well, it depends on the competitions where you enter your name. There are some free competitions where you don’t get good gifts and you are not interested in entering your name. But there are giveaways where the gifts are really nice. How about winning a 42 inch LED TV? How about winning an Apple iPad Mini? How about winning prepaid cash cards worth $200? How about winning an HP notebook? And how about winning movie tickets even when you don’t win these magnificent gifts? There are competitions that allow you the option to win such gifts.

We hear about so many scams in the online world that is difficult to believe that someone would be willing to give away gifts for nothing. Yes, these free competitions are actually free. You don’t pay anything for entering your name into these giveaways competitions. Some of the websites don’t even ask for your name. You just need to enter your email ID and that’s about it – there is nothing more to be done except wait for your luck to turn your way. It is true that there are plenty of scams around and you need to be aware of them. Since we love things that are free it is easy to fall prey to some bogus offer. And then who knows what can happen when our personal details fall into the hands of unscrupulous people?

All this will, of course, not happen when the website being dealt with is authentic. Do one thing – before you enter your name into one of the free competitions go to one website called WhoIs.com. This website will tell you whether the competition website is authentic or not. When you see all the relevant details mentioned on WhoIs.com you can safely deal with the website. Moreover, the website, if it is authentic, will show the names of the previous winners too.

The other option is to read online reviews. Review websites are now among the most visited websites because sensible people always read reviews before they deal with a website. So, before you enter your name, content number and/or email ID into one of the websites you should check it out first.

It is fun entering your name into free competitions because anything you win will be a bonus for you. Great giveaways are there on offer online and all you need to do is participate. A win will thrill you to no end.

Free competitions are always fun to try but it always makes sense to enter your name into authentic giveaways websites.

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