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How to judge old tea?

Posted by naturalpuerh on June 23rd, 2020

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How old is Puerh tea?
Is all old tea good?
A good cup of old tea, strong and strong tea, rich and pleasant taste, long-lasting aroma.
For tea people and tea fans who love Puerh tea, aged Puerh tea is a kind of tea with memory.
Tea friends often sigh that Puerh tea is very deep, regardless of the new tea and old tea, a little careless, it is easy to buy fake tea or unknown tea. Summarizing my own experience in purchasing, I believe that when buying old Puerh tea, we must grasp three principles:

First, do not buy tea that violates historical facts.
Puerh tea practitioners often weave an extremely legendary story when they sell tea from unknown sources to attract newcomers who do not know this way. There are deep mountain encounters with old tea farmers who have the opportunity to buy dozens of home possessions Those who made their own old teas in the year; Some have bought hard teas from ethnic minority compatriots who hang on the kitchen beams for unknown years; Some even have their own ancestors who used tea for their own ancestry.

However, these lies all seriously violated the historical facts of Puerh tea. In fact, after the private-public partnership of Yunnan tea industry, the privately-made Puerh tea basically disappeared. In addition to the four major Chinese tea factories and several county-level tea factories, No other tea factory or individual produces Puerh tea. This situation did not change until the late 1990s. At the same time, the folk craft of making Puerh tea has also been lost. The restoration of the manual tea-making method in the mid-1990s is only a formal restoration, not a true technical inheritance. In addition, the local residents in Yunnan have never used Puerh old tea and stored Puerh tea's customs or even consciousness. We should question all tea products that violate historical facts.

Second, do not buy so-called old tea that violates the common sense concept of Puerh tea.
Shide once saw a tea: "7572 made in Fuhai in 1998", in a subconscious way, it can be immediately judged as a fake tea, the reason is very simple: 7572 is a cooked tea produced by Menghai Tea Factory, this mark is Menghai Tea Factory's exclusive mark, the number 2 in the mark also represents the plant number of Menghai Tea Factory. Fuhai Tea Factory is impossible and has no right to use this number. It can be seen that the tea product is actually fabricated by a counterfeiter. It is fake tea. There are so many kinds of such tea products. If you identify such tea products, you can judge the authenticity as long as you know the basic knowledge of Puerh tea.

Third. Do not buy tea products that violate the laws of nature.
Some people took the old tea from the 1990s to show people, its style, printing, etc. have no objections, but the entire packaging paper is as white as new, and inside label does not even have any tea oil coloring. Such tea can be basically regarded as fake tea. For more than 20 years and nearly 30 years, no matter what, there will be traces of years on Puerh tea and its packaging. In fact, the tea products and packaging in the past ten years will be significantly different from the new tea. Learn more about tea products in different periods The change can effectively prevent the purchase of fake tea.
In addition to these three principles, there are also many things that need to be paid attention to, which requires accumulated learning and thinking, and careful purchase of old tea is a must to abide by the tea creed.

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