The Future is With Terminal Emulation

Posted by adairsawyer on February 8th, 2013

Very few know that the majority of the corporate application still resides on the mainframes which they purchase in the initial era of the computers. Today terminal emulation is the best way to access these applications on the mainframes. Another popular reason for terminal emulation is for integration of new age technologies such as RFID and barcode with the legacy applications which reside on the mainframes. Moreover people were comfortable with the PC’s and the kind of application they provided such as word processors. Thus working on the mainframes was only demotivating the staff. Investment in terminal emulation software will only improve your turnover and margins since staff productivity increases with such software.

It is important for both computers to communicate in a similar way hence the terminal type should accordingly be set up for the same. If this isn’t done correctly, it would then mean that the telnet, SSH or any other emulation software wouldn’t have enough knowledge on how to perform the tasks. And these tasks would be such as screen clearing, cursor mobility or even character placing etc.

In the past organizations used to build their own emulation software programs. Later DEC and IBM commercialized these products and sold it to organization who purchased the mainframes. Today there are various companies which sell terminal emulation software. The support provided by those emulators supplied by IBM and DEC was very limited as client program must be installed. Cybele software has launched best in class terminal emulation solution that removes the restrictions imposed by emulators of the past.

The emulation software from Cybele software z/Scope Anywhere is highly flexible and portable as it incorporates modern technology. This latest client program is entirely browser based. There is no need to install and run a client program separately. Once the emulation solution is installed in a machine, Mainframe computers and UNIX systems can be accessed via internet with the help of any HTML 5 browser. The emulation technology relies on HTML 5 standard and so, it can be used with any browser that supports HTML 5.

Making the most of host integration to preserve the heritage

IT organizations around the world know the importance of safeguarding their heritage such as host systems developed in earlier years by IBM and are making efforts to take these systems forward to work on new server applications developed by Microsoft and other companies. Host integration server package introduced by Microsoft enables IT enterprises to carry forward their legacies with new workloads. Host integration services are beneficial as they allow companies to run instructions and applications away from the mainframe computer rather than on it. This is always preferable than to run applications on the mainframe computer. These services give an option to IT companies to do just that.

Host integration as a tool helps managers take business related decisions faster and more efficiently. It helps developers by improving their productivity as they can make use of embedded tools to develop applications quickly. Last, but not the least, these services help IT administrators to secure new connections and systems in a more efficient manner. What impresses customers most is the ease of use and maintenance of host integration.

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