Ways to Connect With Your Office Colleagues and Make Working Fun

Posted by swapnil jukunte on June 23rd, 2020

Remember the days when our fathers carried briefcases to work dressed in all their finery? Sigh, those days are long gone. With the advent of computers and the incorporation of technology in all the nooks and corners of modern offices, archaic methods of conducting office business have departed. Present offices, be it a technology giant or a branch of the national ministry, are reaping the advantages of digitization to the fullest extent. And along with it, many disadvantages have also arrived, the most harmful of them being isolation and loneliness among employees.

Thousands of dollars are being spent at present by corporate offices over the world to invent new ways by which the well-being of employees can be preserved and improved. Among these ways, engaging in outbound team building activities is the most popular choice.

Types of Outbound Training Programs

There are many types of team building activities that offices encourage their employees to participate in, ranging from going for team trips after regularly spaced intervals to engaging in different art forms while inside the office. Some of the most popular varieties of such training programs include:

Leadership Development Programs

Offices pay more focus on leadership development among employees than anything else, such that they can lead teams and develop different methods through which they can guide other members. Activities like business simulations, testing of managerial skills and putting employees in mock business crises are extremely crucial in leadership development programs.

Team Building Programs

One of the most important values which employees should develop inside office spaces is unity and outbound training puts particular emphasis on this. A single person cannot carry all the responsibilities while working in an office, he needs the help of other people. And so, activities which promote efficient communication between team members and quick conflict resolution are used heavily. Employees are then encouraged to take lessons from these activities and carry them to their workspaces.

Behavioural Skills Programs

Behaviour skills come next in the list of importance, and these are taken care of too. Much like the various types of people whom we meet in our whole lifetime, an office also consists of a huge diversity of employees – each of them having their own whims and skills, each of them coming from different places and backgrounds. To attenuate the adverse effects which this plenitude of values and ideas can bring, corporate offices make use of these by improving and making employees learn different social and emotional behavioural skills, which help them smoothen out their daily working.

Corporate Sports

Almost all offices nowadays, small scale or large, have their own grounds where they allow their employees to spend time on outdoor sports and activities. From time immemorial, outdoor sports have been a source of developing important life skills like cooperation and mutual improvement, qualities which are much needed in office spaces too. Hence, different sports events like football, cricket and basketball leagues comprise a pivotal part of outbound team building activities.

Think no more and attend an outbound training program as soon as you can. Your office spends a lot of energy and money on these events, and all of that is for you to remain healthy, physically and mentally – now’s the time to reap its benefits.

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