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Types of Label Sticker Printer and Print Methods

Posted by expressprintsg on June 23rd, 2020

Printing is always an enthralling task, especially when the label needs to be in vibrant shades. All credit goes to the printer who makes this job attractive, smoother, and instant. When the task is for label sticker printing, then reliability and accuracy should not be avoided. Labels must look clear and influencing, thereby every customer can read it quickly. Even a small label should be designed in a way to read swiftly. Thus, label sticker printers need to be done for these tasks.

Different types of label sticker printers are available in the market. Thus, before buying any label sticker printer, the buyers need to know about the different types available.

Types of label sticker printer:

  1. Thermal transfer printers

TT or thermal transfer printers are the best printers recommended for industry use. These offer the top-notch and long-lasting labels. Thus, TT printers are highly advisable in professional services as these are also low-cost.

  1. Direct thermal printers

DT or direct thermal printers are somehow like thermal transfer printers. The only difference is, DT does not need an ink ribbon. These have a special layer of chemicals under the label surface that get heated to produce printed images. DT printers do not work for prolonged use. Moreover, DT printers are not recommended in the case of the requirement of vibrant printing.

  1. Laser printers

For office or small scale business, laser printers are recommended. Even though available in colored and black and white, these are cost-effective to use. Its print durability is quite impressive even in UV light exposure. However, do not buy laser printers to use for rigorous chemical exposure.

Besides the different types of printers for labels, various printing methods are also used.

What are the different types of printing methods?

  • Offset Lithography: Besides this printing method works on paper, books, and stationary, also it can be used on cloth, wood, and canvas.
  • Flexography: Also, label printing, this method is highly recommended.
  • Digital Printing: This method is best for printing menus, newsletters, letters, and labels.
  • Large Format: For floor graphics, wallpapers, murals, posters, billboards, etc. significant format printing method is highly suggested.
  • 3D Printing: Used on toy figures, display items, novelty items, marketing and promotional freebies.
  • LED UV: Used for printing on newspaper, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, magazines, posters, etc.
  • Screen Printing: Used for printing on clothes or fabrics only.

Thus, printing plays a crucial role to turn a blank label, fabric or paper into meaningful and attractive. However, it is not possible by all ends to use the printers and its printing processing in the right way. Thus, in this case, printing solutions is the most fabulous way to get the best printings.

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