All You Need To Know About Preventive Dental Care with Dentist Vienna VA

Posted by hellensmith on February 10th, 2013

Preventive dental care involves different techniques to help you in keeping your mouth healthy. As the name suggests, preventive care will actually allow you to prevent any sort of oral health problem by taking proper measures. It will ensure that you are keeping your teeth and gums clean to prevent the two main reasons for oral health problems – gum diseases and decay. Your dentist Fairfax VA can guide you to start your own oral care by taking some additional measures to maintain hygiene.

When your dentist Vienna VA works together with you, it will help in preventing the need for serious treatments, thereby avoiding any traditional pattern of tooth treatment and extraction. Dental experts recommend a course of oral health treatment to ensure your mouth is in good condition, and works out a proper maintenance plan to make sure it works effectively.

Is Preventive Dentistry For Everyone?

Well, it is! Preventive dentistry is meant for everyone. Dentist Fairfax VA suggest that people who do not have teeth can benefit from this treatment too, as conditions like denture stomatitis and mouth cancer can be diagnosed with regular visits to dentist Vienna VA.

What are the Methods Involved?

During the first consultation for preventive care, your dentist Fairfax VA is going to examine your gums and teeth, talk about the treatment and suggest methods to keep your mouth healthy. If the mouth is healthy, it will be easier to prevent gum diseases and decay.

Your dentist Vienna VA or hygienist will scale your teeth and polish them. You will also learn the correct ways of brushing and cleaning in between your teeth using floss or interdentally brushes for removing bacterial plaque that forms on the teeth. When you drink or eat sugary foods, the bacteria in plaque turns sugars into acid that causes tooth decay. Furthermore, plaque can even lead to gum inflammation, if it is not removed thoroughly and regularly.

Your dentist Vienna VA may also tell you about different oral care toothpastes and other products that will suit you best.

Diet also plays a major role in maintaining good oral health. Your hygienist will talk about how your diet can have an effect on your teeth, and especially habits like drinking and smoking.

Preventive Dentistry and Treatment

If a patient has some tooth problems which becomes obvious during a preventive care and examination, the dentist may recommend some treatment for strengthening the tooth and making it more enduring. For instance, if there are any cracks or chips, it can make the tooth weak. In such cases, a new filling or onlay may be suggested to protect the condition.

Preventing Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common concerns of people, which often leads them to preventive dentist. Fluoride is a treatment, often recommended to resist tooth decay. If a dentist thinks some fluoride will be useful, it may be recommended. Your dentist Fairfax VA may also suggest some fluoride rinse that works against tooth decay.

Preventive dental care can involve several screenings and examinations to ensure good oral health.

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