Responsibilities of a personal injury lawyer

Posted by AmandaTom on February 10th, 2013

 Lawyers who are academically qualified to deal with personal injury cases that come under the civil law are called personal injury solicitors. Hence, people who have been physically injured or psychologically affected in a negative strain because of the wrongdoing of another party should visit one of these solicitors to present their case in court. The Tort law of the UK deals with such cases and hence, every personal injury lawyer should have extensive knowledge about the decrees, acts and rights that are mentioned under it. Civil wrongs of all sorts, both economic and noneconomic are handled by these lawyers. To aid the plaintiffs, a section of law practitioners have branched out as no win no fee solicitors who charge on the win-and-pay principle.

The first and foremost responsibility of a personal injury lawyer, and all other solicitors for that matter is to serve their clients in the best legal way possible. The legal professionals should abide by the codes and rules of ethics and profession and should not overreach their licenses. They can do only as much as they are allowed to do and not beyond. The state bar association governs all the permits enjoyed by the lawyers. The no win no fee solicitors are entitled to file a complaint on the behalf of victims to take the case forward.

Their responsibilities also include representing a case in the court which is the biggest role of a solicitor. They put forth a case in front of the body of juror or judge and argue on the case against the representative of the defendant. They can draft documents related to the case and even offer advice to the victims related to the case. No win no fee solicitors are often referred to as the plaintiff’s lawyer because of their victim-centric services. The job of a personal injury lawyer starts with interviewing the clients and probing into the case. Acquiring more details, documenting them, preparing witnesses, etc. are some of the basic jobs of a solicitor.

However, if you are visiting a lawyer with the hopes that all problems presented to them are going to meet a positive end, then this is too much to expect. Counseling the client, conducting oral arguments, settling trials, carrying out outside-courtroom settlements, etc. are how a personal injury lawyer can help you. Whether or not they can win a case for you is a matter of the situation, time, their expertise in the area and the document bank you have in your favor. No win no fee solicitors do not charge their fees when you have not derived an amount of compensation from the opponent. Cases lost are not paid for with these lawyers.

So, how do you know a lawyer is working under the no-win-no-fee principle? They’ll mention it before undertaking your case and both the parties will be bound by a consensual agreement.

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