No Win No Fee Solicitors Help the Work Accident Victims Get Recompense

Posted by AmandaTom on February 11th, 2013

Workplace accidents do not only incapacitate the victims physically. These accidents affect the finances of the victims too. The victims lose their working days and earnings and their finances are affected in other ways too. The no win no fee solicitors, therefore, are the only resort for the no-fault workplace accident victims. These solicitors charge nothing before they win the cases on behalf of their clients, which is why they are considered the saviours of those who want to claim compensation for workplace accidents and injuries but do not have the money to appoint legal experts. If you have met work accident recently, you should look for accidents at work compensation claim specialists to safeguard your finances and to start a case without paying a penny.

Until 1995, the situation was different in the UK. Legal Aid was there but the majority of the accident victims could not gain access to justice. In the same year, Legal Aid got abolished and a new type of solicitors emerged who gradually became popular as no win no fee solicitors. Some of these solicitors started working for no-fault work accident victims and they became known as no-win-no-fee work accident compensation claim specialists through changing times. These solicitors deal with work accident cases and other types of claims and attempt to bring in acceptable compensatory benefits for the victims of work accidents. As these solicitors can help to deal with workplace accidents by trying to get compensation on behalf of their clients for all the physical, mental and financial losses, it is imperative to contact solicitors of this type following no-fault accidents at work.

In a compensation claim case, the claimant has to raise negligence of employer or whoever was responsible for the accident he met while at work and needs to prove the negligence of the other party (‘the defendant’ or ‘the employer’). The no win no fee solicitors help the victims in proving the negligence of the other party. A solicitor tries first to establish that the employer had a duty and he attempts to prove the duty was breached by the employer. The next thing he attempts to prove is that the breach caused the accident and the employee (or his client) was injured in the same. Quantification of damages is calculated based on several factors like loss of earnings, medical treatment cost etc. Victims of accidents at work also lose future earning opportunities and all these things are taken into account by these solicitors.

How do these no win no fee solicitors work? As the phrase clearly implies, these solicitors do not ask for their service fees until and unless the cases are won. The solicitors charge only after winning the cases on behalf of their clients. What you have to pay your solicitor if he wins the case for you?  Normally the solicitors charge basic fees, success fees (a certain percentage of the basic fees) and the disbursements (travelling cost, telephone cost etc). What if you lose the case? You will just have to pay the disbursements to the accidents at work compensation claim expert appointed by you.  Of course, you are always best to discuss a solicitors fees with them directly when discussing your case in an initial consultation.

We are a group of no win no fee solicitors offering no-fault accident compensation claims advice. Our accidents at work compensation claim experts may be able to help you in getting compensation for injuries that you received in a recent accident at your workplace.

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