Questions Associated With Root Canal Treatment at Dentist Fairfax VA

Posted by hellensmith on February 11th, 2013

Root canal is often believed to be a painful treatment that can leave you with sore gums for weeks. However, it is a wrong thought. Because of the technical expertise and sophisticated methods deployed for dental treatments, root canal is just as simple as tooth filling (felt by a patient). The intricacies of the treatment are best known to the dentist Fairfax VA.

What is Root Canal?

Root canal is a dental procedure deployed for the treatment of an infection affecting the center of one particular tooth. It is a complicated treatment performed by experienced dentist Vienna VA. The method of treatment belongs to a specific branch of dentistry called, endodontics.

As there is an infection involved in the tooth, it is very important to diagnose the cause of the infection. It is usually bacteria-induced infection that lives inside the mouth and may invade a tooth when there is tooth decay, leaks in filling or the tooth is damaged by trauma.

Our Tooth Structure

Dentist Fairfax VA can only come to a decision regarding root canal treatment after observing the tooth structure of a patient.  

Each tooth comprises of two parts: the crown; the part of a tooth which is visible to us, and the root; the part extending into the jawbone that anchors the tooth in its position.

Our teeth is composed of certain intricate structures, which includes the enamel (outer coating of tooth), dentine (softer material supporting the enamel and forming most of the tooth), cementum (hard material coating the root surface, and dental pulp (the soft tissue present in the middle of the tooth).

The root canal treatment contains dental pulp, extending from the crown to the end of the root. One single tooth can have multiple root canals.

When Infection is Caused?

Your dentist Vienna VA will identify when an infection is caused. Usually, the early signs of an infected tooth include pain and swelling of the gums. The pulp comprises of soft tissues including blood vessels and nerves. When the bacteria infects the pulp, it dies, which increases the growth of bacteria. This eventually leads to further growth of infection and it will gradually damage the tooth.

Once diagnosed, dentist Fairfax VA will not waste any time, as root canal is the only way to save a tooth from extraction.

The Procedure

In order to treat the infected tooth, the bacteria must be removed. That is the main part of root canal treatment. Your dentist Vienna VA will make an attempt to save your tooth by doing a root canal treatment.

During the treatment, a patient will be under local anesthesia, which makes the procedure painless and stress-free. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about pain. The treatment is done by expert dentist Fairfax VA to remove the cause of infection and fill the teeth with medicated filling material and seal it with a crown or a further coating of filling. The decision of materials used for the procedure depends on the condition and the choice of dentist Vienna VA.

In most of the cases, root canal treatment is a successful procedure that lasts for decades.

After Root Canal

After root canal, it is very important to look after the infected teeth and allow recovery. It may take 24 hours to get back to normal eating habits. Your dentist will guide you.

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