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Posted by adairsawyer on February 12th, 2013

No matter how carefully you may pack your tools in the back of a pickup truck at the beginning of the trip, after a few kilometers, they are thoroughly mixed. As everything becomes mixed, it can be difficult to find something useful. You would have to stretch and drag yourself to pull out the different tools, which can make your clothes dirty. This is why it is so important to have a ute drawer in your pickup.  To relieve the owners of pickups from these problems, you can find a metal drawer, a drawer system that is anchored in the body of the vehicle. explore the benefits of having such a metal tool box.

If you choose a ute drawer of load capacity not less than 150 kg, and the outer shell has a load-carrying structure, the top of the box can carry cargo weighing up to 400 kg. Thus, the total weight of the cargo can go up to 700 kg. Lockable boxes would not only increase the safety of things stored in a truck, but also allow you to use your organizer with open body - things tucked away in a box will be safe. Many people have the back of their pickup trucks mounted with roll bars made of stainless steel. Those who like such a style are not in a hurry to close the box lid. Others simply believe that their truck must have an open body without any protection on top.

Choosing metal tool box set in an open body, will allow you to maintain the kind of tools that you like, and will make it possible to safely carry and leave anything in the back of the truck. You'll also be able to transport things, putting them on top of the organizer, and secure with straps or cargo nets. Due to the fact that the top of the box is above the wheel arches, the truck can now load more cargo, which would resist the arch otherwise. The toolboxes, set in an open body, will protect the transported goods, without giving up the benefits of an open body. Tool boxes can be used to cover any body.

Because between the top of the box and the cover body there is not much free space to install the system, you can install ute drawer under the cover body. You can keep different types of items inside it such as the folding stairs, pillars, signs, bays with cable, slings.

This configuration is well suited to those who use pickup in professional activities. A metal tool box  is particularly well matched to the aluminum caps and so-called body "Cover-transformer", forming a kind of open truck. It is also convenient to use toolboxes with metal lids, which can rise above the body, forming a high roof. If you want to find the right toolboxes for your vehicle, it would be ideal to search online. You can come across a larger number of options that vary in terms of sizes and materials.

There are different types of metal tool box for your UTE. Visit the website given here to find the right ute drawer that would fulfill all your requirements for tool storage.

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