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Posted by adairsawyer on February 14th, 2013

Noticeboards are still seen everywhere like in offices and schools as they continue to be extremely useful. Commercial establishments use them for marketing. Felt noticeboards are also useful in the home for many reasons. These boards are being innovated in many ways and you can get any kind from Pitts Presentation.

Noticeboards remain useful as a panel where important announcements and communications are put up despite the development of new methods to do this. They were usually pin boards and various messages were simply tacked onto it in order for people whom those messages were intended for were able to read them. These boards have remained basically the same in terms of structure but their functions have actually even expanded. Felt noticeboards specifically, remain fixtures in many institutions like schools, universities, community centres, churches and offices. They are also being used in homes. Indeed, their purpose continues to be innovated. Pitts Presentation is a leading company for boards as these continue to be useful for all.

Information Dissemination

Noticeboards have served this purpose probably ever since their invention and continue to do so today. In offices, it is an appropriate place for managers to post important announcements, schedules, statistics, employee concerns and news about the company’s achievements. In educational institutions, class schedules, holidays, activities, student standings and awards can be pinned on a felt noticeboard for all to read. They must be sturdy and reliable like the boards from Pitts Presentations.


Food and beverage companies, especially, have been using noticeboards to promote their products in bars and restaurants. For example, a poster for a certain brand of beer could be placed on a board in various bars or pubs. Customers will be enticed to buy the brand. At the same time, the bar is offered a lower price to stock up on their brand.

Restaurants also commonly offer special deals to attract patrons. These promos are typically announced on A-shaped boards placed such that potential diners can immediately see them. Pitts Presentation features attractive and attention-grabbing designs that work for these purposes.

Home Decor

In the household, felt noticeboards can be put up on a kitchen wall and decorated as a simple and inexpensive way to achieve a desired rural appeal. At the same time, notes, reminders and bills can still be pinned onto it. Children’s rooms and study areas are other great places to put these boards. Schedules and artworks can be put up on them, along with inspirational images and messages from parents. Pitts Presentation UK also makes boards that are great for the home. Typically, they are smaller than what you would see in a church or office.

Boards come in many various colours and are made from different materials. There are framed and frameless types and they can either have a lock or not. The latest innovation of the noticeboard is the whiteboard that connects to a computer or projector and transforms into an interactive screen. As you may have guessed, Pitts Presentation UK offers these high-tech devices with premium service.

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