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Posted by GiulyRotarry on February 16th, 2013

Many do not know the secret behind being attractive. Wearing French knickers is one of them but there is so much more to it. If you do not think that you are attractive enough, you have to first accept your flaws and be confident. After that go ahead and stand out from the crowd. This is the only way that anyone will recognize that you are very striking. As a lady, being confident and having self worth is one of the most beautiful things to a man ever. When you have your emotions sorted out, then and only then will your physical glow. Black nylons make one look beautiful, but here is how to feel gorgeous and pretty to the opposite sex.

•             Highlight your femininity: Wearing French knickers plays a big part in being feminine as they are absolutely alluring. However ladies need to be feminine. If you do not act as a lady then you will not be that appealing to men. Start by wearing makeup. Red lipstick works like magic. When going out on a date make sure that you put a tad of lipstick on. It has been proven that men are drawn to a woman’s lips more than any other feature on her face. This is especially if they have red lipstick on. You do not have to wear lipstick especially if you don’t want to but at least have some lip balm or gloss to keep your lips luscious and moisturized. This works perfectly. Black nylons would be perfect to bring out your body shape and femininity too.

•             Prepare yourself well: If you have French knickers on, there is nothing as attractive to a man than your clean self. Staying clean and fresh for a woman is a big must. Have a regular bath and keep clean nails. Make sure that you eat right so that you can have good skin. Moisturize regularly. Men are attracted to women with clean skin with no flaws. Imagine wearing your knickers and your skin is all dry and flaky. This will be an instant turnoff. Your skin should be good to touch. Wash your face twice a day without fail. Shave your legs and armpits. Always smell nice. There is no use of wearing black nylons and you do not smell good.

•             Dress in clothes that compliment your shape: French knickers are about as perfect as anything when it comes to flattering your figure. Unfortunately we were not all born with perfect bodies; however this can be worked on. It is important though that regardless, you wear clothes that fit your figure. If you are heavy on the thigh part, avoid jeans that are flared. Make sure that the hypes are brought out without over emphasizing on them. When it comes to underwear do not have grandma underpants. Wear something appealing. Your black nylons have to fit perfectly otherwise it will be very embarrassing when they are too small or too big.

Be attractive today.

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