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Useful information if you are considering Botox treatments

Posted by lexifip158 on June 25th, 2020

Hundreds of articles have been written about Botox and other facials, however many of them claim they simply cannot endorse it. So what are the facts about Botox in the UK?

Botox can be used by prescription to smooth out the frown lines that both middle-aged men and women have between the eyebrows, and can also be used for other facial wrinkles.

Research Mintel, who are retail analysts, suggests that as many as 19 million people, including these men, would pay to have their face cosmetically improved if they could get the money.

Botox treatments and other non-invasive facial enhancements are growing at an exponential rate and the total market is said to be worth £ 18 million per fillers den haag.

What is Botox cosmetic?

Botox, or onabotulinumtoxinA, is a treatment that can be prescribed for the following reasons: control of muscle spasms, sharp underarm sweating, and slight facial improvement. However, most people use it for the last of these.

Botox is most often used to smooth glabellar lines. Most people have this type of cosmetic enhancement because they feel that the lines on their foreheads make them look tired or even angry and this can cause a lot of anxiety. However, it is often used off-label or not prescribed to solve all kinds of problems.

Are you the type of person who needs Botox?

If you are over 18 years old and you know a friendly Botox specialist then you are eligible but you should not use it if you also have the following:

An allergy to any of the ingredients in Botox
An infection in the skin surrounding the area being injected.
Any disease that affects the nerves or muscles.
Problems that affect your breathing, such as asthma.
Swallowing problems
Problems associated with thinning blood.
It is also recommended not to have Botox if you plan to have another major cosmetic surgery or, in fact, if you recently had surgery. And lastly, don't use Botox if you have weakness in the areas you want to treat, especially around the eyes.

Although there is no evidence that Botox treatments affect unborn babies, it is not recommended that women have Botox during pregnancy.

So does Botox work and in what way?

Wrinkles on the skin usually form right next to a muscle that will be close to it, usually below it. As with the forehead where the muscle is vertical through the head and causes horizontal wrinkles when it contracts

When Botox is injected into those muscles, it restricts the impulses produced by the nerves that reach the tissue that causes the wrinkle. Thus, expression lines and other wrinkles are reduced, giving the person a more youthful appearance.

Botox treatments normally take about 10 minutes and you should be able to resume what you were doing almost immediately.

Treatments begin to produce results in about 3 days, when you will begin to see reductions in wrinkles around the injected area. For maximum results, you should wait about a fortnight, but after that time the effect will begin to lessen.

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