How the Durable Dry Erase Boards Keep Your Workplace Organized

Posted by sophiamilller on February 19th, 2013

Safco Furniture Dealer is a company which started selling office furniture, kid’s furniture, storage and organization furniture, and many other varieties of furniture at bargain prices and all this started about 35 years ago.  Today, Safco has a variety of products to offer, including workplace organization, educational furniture, art and engineering, and sealing solutions among others.  Also included in its products range is the durable dry erase boards, which, along with the company’s other products, are designed to fit your needs and the way how you work.

Durable dry erase boards from Safco Furniture Dealer is a board similar to the blackboards used in school (some schools today are still using blackboards or chalkboards), only it is white.  It is also called a white board.  It was given the name dry erase because the writings on it could be easily erased by using a soft dry material such as a cloth, paper towel, dry tissue, or board eraser.  The writings on this board should be done using a dry erase marker, which you can easily erase by rubbing or wiping.  A regular marker should never be used with the dry erase boards, because it may stain and will come off only if a wet cloth is used in erasing it.

Previously, chalkboards were once used as standard.  However the durable dry erase boards from Safco Furniture Dealer became very popular since the chalk was found to be dusty and messy; there were always residues to clean up.  Plus, the writings on a chalkboard were not very easy to read.  Dry erase boards are light weight, easy to read, and easy to erase.

Durable dry erase boards by Safco Furniture Dealer could be used in many applications.  Company executives, doctors, lawyers, advertisers all use dry erase boards for every message, reminder, schedule, etc.  Many classrooms today have switched to white boards from chalkboards,   so are the restaurants in listing their special of the day. In most homes, there are small white boards in the kitchen where homeowners can jot messages and their list of groceries to be purchased. Even hospitals and health clinics are using the dry erase boards to give out information and schedules of operation.  The uses of these white boards seem limitless.

Dry erase boards are very light weight you can easily hang them on any wall.  Personal boards are only small and are framed only in plastic.  You can simply hang them on your wall using double sided tapes.  On the other hand large white boards have wood or aluminum as frames and you hang them like you are hanging a traditional frame.   If you need a larger size dry erase board, you can find a type which is sold in rolls.  The length varies, but the height, usually measures 5 feet (or 1.5 meters).  This size is ideal for use in wall coverings, and can be used when you are working on highly involved projects like storylines and theorems.  If you are in need of dry erase boards, the Safco Company is a good resource. Their products are of good quality and certainly can make your workplace organized.

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