HemLock UK Offers The Best Turning Services: CNC Turning And Slidinghead Turning

Posted by tedmark on February 20th, 2013

Turning of metal components is one of the services that give machineries the best qualities for successful industrial operations. This article will explain why CNC turning and Slidinghead turning are the best turning methods that will give your machineries the best quality and make them effective and efficient in operation.

CNC turning can be carried out using CNC lathes to turn machines to the desired quality. Hemlock Ltd has CNC Lathes referred to as Nakamura and Doosan, which have the capability of machining up to 12’’ in diameter. Through the CNC Lathes, it is also possible to complete a remarkably high volume of complex components in just one-hit operation. This is possible through the use of twin spindle machines. The geometric relationships of the machines are also guaranteed through a one-hit operation. This makes the process of CNC turning complete with only one-hit operation. This is a good way of saving time and resources during the turning process. It also enables the turning process simple and easy to carry out. Over the years, turning has been improving significantly, but the CNC turning can be the most depended upon and economic method. Hemlock ltd is moving fast towards the use of this efficient turning process, giving clients the best machineries in industry.

Slidinghead Turning is also another spectacular turning method, which is reliable in machining industries. Hemlock ltd, through its sister company HPC services ltd provides Slidinghead services using its Citizen M32/A32 Slidinghead Lather. The Citizen A32 Lather is the most recent type of Lather used to turn machines efficiently. The Lather uses neat oil, hence leading to low tool wear as well as repetition of higher capacity. In this regard, Slidinghead turning is applied by the company to produce tools with low chances of being subjected to wear and tear. The machines are also likely to work repeatedly without causing any problems.

People working in industries keep wondering how their machines can be turned in the best way possible in order to achieve the best results of their machines. The only secret behind any success in machinery industry is access to turning processes that give quality products to its clients. Machines, which undergo springhead turning and CNC turning, are always likely to last, to be strong and make work easier for its users. The processes of Slidinghead and CNC turning may not be provided sufficiently and with the expertise displayed by the best turning company – Hemlock ltd. This company has invested in the best Lathers to help them in giving its clients the best turning services.

The company understands that the turning process results in different products if different turning processes are used. As a result of this knowledge, the company has invested in two types of turning so as to provide different products depending on the needs of the customers. The chosen methods include: turning using slidinghead Lathers and CNC turning. Turning to the company is a sure advantage, because CNC machining, milling and turning are the main services that they offer.

For more information about CNC turning and Slidinghead turning visit Hemloackltd.co.uk.

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