The importance of finding a reliable perito informatico

Posted by sophiamilller on February 21st, 2013

Nowadays, peritaje informatico has become something extremely helpful and important for us. Generally, the computer science together with the information technology had a significant role in our society by using experts in court in order to solve some issues related to computing facilities which can arise within an organization or a company. For instance, you could think of the importance played by the perito informatico and his contribution in solving a crime, a civil or a commercial dispute. 

The advantages for hiring a perito informatico are numerous. In the first place, the computer expert can keep track of the telephone conversations and the meetings, and based on the results of the peritaje informatico, he can create a strong and reliable final statement of defense. Second of all, clients can negotiate the fees and the final payment. Finally, the expert will present the report using an understandable language for the client and the lawyers.

Javier Rubio Alamillo is a perito informatico, who has the title of Engineer in Computer Engineering and the Diploma in Computer Systems. The services peritaje informatico  provided by his office are the following ones: technical documentation analysis, analysis databases, development of expert opinion and defense, industrial espionage, violation of privacy and personal data protection, threats, harassment, Internet trail, recovering lost data from any physical device, forensic analysis of hard drives and many other similar services.

If you are interested in knowing how is this process of peritaje informatico developing, you should know it includes several important phases: the initial analysis, the development of the research and report writing and the final step is represented by defense expert report. In the first step of the whole process, the main objectives of the expert are: determining the purposes of the investigation together with his client, establishing the procedures of the computer evidence, the budget and the final study of the investigation. This part of the investigation is free. In case the client agrees with the conditions generated by the expert, they will reach to an agreement and sign the contract. In the following step, the expert will take care of collecting evidence and items which have a special meaning within the investigation; from the computers, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, pen drives etc. Then, based on what he has found from them, he will write the expert report. And finally, if it’s necessary, the expert will report his defense case to the judicial authority.

Even though the professional office is based in Madrid, the services which were mentioned earlier can be made in the following Spanish cities: Barcelona, Seville, Murcia, Zaragoza, Valencia, Granada, Asturias, Bilbao, Salamanca, Malaga and others.

To conclude with, if you ever need the professional support provided by perito informatico  in solving a crime, a civil or a commercial dispute, you shouldn’t hesitate in contacting Javier Rubio. If you are interested in finding additional information regarding him or the services provided, you are invited to check out his webpage.

Have you ever considered the importance of having a reliable perito informatico? Check out this website for more useful details regarding peritaje informatico.

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