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Posted by AxelPrice on February 21st, 2013

It is advisable for clients to be familiar with land survey tools to properly plan any project. It goes without saying that the right land survey equipment must be used for accurate data and proper land assessment. Chanton is a land survey London Company with the experience, skill and a complete set of the best tools available on the market today.

The equipment used by land survey London companies, especially the top ones like Chanton, varies upon the situation. Throughout the history of land surveying, there have been many advances in survey equipment and technology. Chanton has a complete set of all of the latest and best tools. Land survey data needs to be as accurate as possible so the right tools need to be used at the right times. Chanton has the experience, expertise and commitment to perform their services in the right way every time. As a client, you can observe this first-hand especially if you are familiar with survey equipment.

The level rod is a tool for measuring surface terrain elevation that is usually used in making roads. The rod’s sides are marked, corresponding to the measurement of elevation. There are two kinds: the self-reading and target versions. A surveyor calibrates the scale, setting it to zero before using it.

The planimeter represents one of the most important inventions in all survey equipment. It is used for measuring land area and delineating its boundaries. It can accurately do this however the shape or size of the property might be.

Other Tools

The theodolite, which actually measures angles, is another important survey tool. By taking vertical and horizontal angle measurements and triangulating these, it becomes a powerful land survey tool. It allows work even during harsh weather. A plumb bob is usually used in conjunction with the theodolite for vertical precision. There are other tools used by land survey London specialists. Cable locators are special equipment that tells the position, depth and orientation of subterranean cables and pipes. Clinometers measure the slope of land surfaces. Distances can be calculated by utilising chains. These are usually comprised of 100 links and measure 66 feet long. Flag poles act as markers.

Chanton makes appropriate use of all these land survey equipment to ensure that every property is correctly assessed. Accurate measurements are vital especially when you are planning on building any kind of structure on that land. In London, whether you are talking about a private piece of land where a house or building might be built or a public area where an energy, water or transportation facility is being planned, land surveying is of the utmost importance. Chanton is dedicated to providing the best service with accurate boundary identification and topographical data gathering. This ensures that any plan for any piece of land is the right plan. Land survey London specialists like Chanton are in demand right now because of the developments going on in this urban centre as the population continues to increase. You can check out their website at to learn more about their professional services, equipment and technology.

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