How To Choose Companies For CNC Machining And Slidinghead Turning?

Posted by tedmark on February 22nd, 2013

Search for companies to take care of your CNC machining needs with quality Slidinghead turning.

Choosing a company to do your CNC Machining and slidinghead turning jobs can be nerve-wracking. With certain parts you need, precision is everything and a small mistake can turn into a huge problem. So how do you avoid losing entire batches of poorly cut products for your speciality parts?

If you are already looking for CNC machining you are off to a great start. CNC stands for computer numerical control, which you most likely already know. Programmable machines use CNC technology to provide incredibly accurate precision when dealing with speciality or complex parts, which are difficult or impossible to manipulate by hand. It is typically most convenient to search locally for these products, but you could also consider CNC machining companies who can ship your product quickly to you for reasonable fees.

Here are some other aspects to consider:

•           Ask others you know, who are familiar with parts production, about the CNC machining companies they use. If you are familiar with their product and impressed by the quality, you can start with that company. It also applies vice versa. Avoid those CNC machining companies, whose products you are not impressed with.

•           The CNC machining company you are considering should be able to provide you with references. Definitely check up on these and find out about the product quality, timeliness and any concerns those customers have, or had in the past.

•           Find out about turnaround times from the CNC machining company

•           Ask about the make and models of machinery, such as what they use for slidinghead turning, then search online to see if the machines appear to be up to date, or ancient. A company which has not upgraded equipment may not have the funds to do so, which indicates a struggling business, or may simply not care about upgrading. That attitude is sure to be reflected in the workmanship. Consequently, a company, which invests in newer machinery, is interested in providing their customers with the best product available in the most efficient way.

•           Make sure you talk to the company about your needs. If you have a special part that is difficult to manufacture, be up front about it and if possible show them the part or plans so they have an idea of the work involved and will know if their equipment can accommodate your request or not. This saves everyone involved valuable time.

•           If you have parts that you frequently order, see if stock holding is an option so that orders can be quickly filled. Get quotes on emergency orders, as well as turnaround timeframes specifically for those orders.

•           Ask if they can exhibit a test run of a few of the products at no cost so that you can compare between companies and also have a tangible idea of the workmanship.

There are many pieces of equipment used and while machines that do slidinghead turning may be common overall, your project may need machines with fourth and fifth axes. Also ask about any warranties or guarantees the company provides.

Search for companies to take care of your CNC machining needs with quality Slidinghead turning.

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