Low slope roofing materials recommended by Shoreline roofing company

Posted by vijayvinson on February 23rd, 2013

Out of the two main categories of roofing, the low-slope roofing is characterized by a roof pitch lower or equal to 3/12, while any roof with a bigger pitch is a steep-slope roof. The Shoreline roofing company uses materials like cedar shake or composition roofing shingles for steep-slope roofing installations. For low-slope roofing, also called flat roofing, single ply membrane materials are used instead. In the Seattle area, about 10% of all the buildings have flat roofs. The Mukilteo roofing company also provides viable solutions for buildings in the area. Lately, new solutions have appeared for low slope roofing installations.

Besides classic materials like Hot Tar, EPDM or Torch Down, which have been traditionally used for flat roofs, other newer procedures use TPO and PVC as the best solution for modern roofing. EPDM, Hot Tar and Torch Down have a shorter lifespan than modern materials and present installation risks that should be considered inacceptable nowadays. This is the reason why the Mukilteo roofing company does no more recommend these old procedures to its clients.

TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a material from the single ply roofing category. It is extremely resistant to impacts, tears, and punctures. Its good flexibility allows for building movement. TPO is also renowned as a cool roof, strongly reflective, especially when it is white colored. TPO seams are heat welded and, as a consequence, create a solid, seamless roof as a final product. TPO seam strengths are three or even four times those of the EPDM adhesive bonded seams. TPO has become very popular thanks to its durability, long life span which exceeds 15 years, and its low cost.

PVC roofing is perhaps the best material for low slope roofs.it remains flexible over time and therefore has become the most popular option for this kind of roofs that the Shoreline roofing company installs in the Seattle area. The main problem with low slope roofs is that they may become rigid, which means they will crack and then leak. Even the slightest crack is a place where the roof can leak. However, PVC roofing is very supple and strong and also reflects UV rays that can damage flat roofs. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, PVC roofing is easy to install even around roof penetrations, such as chimneys, skylights or vents. PVC roofs usually last more than twenty years.

Mukilteo and Shoreline roofing companies use TPO and PVC roofing from the best producers. A full range of accessories also comes with the basic material. Thanks to the high quality of TPO and PVC roofing materials, both roofing companies are entitled to offer a twenty year extended warranty for any flat roof they install. This means that both the materials and labour are covered by the producer.

The Mukilteo roofing company recommends only the best methods for low slope roofing installations. It uses only the safest materials for roofing, as the Shoreline roofing company does too.


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