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Posted by SharonEvans on February 23rd, 2013

As it happens in the fashion industry, the trends in home decoration come and repeat very fast.  Furnishing a house and decorating it with the right pieces such as rugs is a commitment for the maintenance of your perfect house. It is not possible for many of us to choose the complete outlook of our houses and that too frequently hence you can make some minor changes by introducing diverse area rugs.

There are ways to keep up with the ever changing trends in home and décor and you don’t have to necessarily invest tons of money in it. The best you can do is not to touch the furniture but change it setting and position. You can come up with new area rugs if you want some considerable changes for your eyes. This scheme goes best in situations when the color of your furniture is neutral so you can actually play with the colors of your pieces. A home can have many different looks by simply changing the floor pieces whenever you are bored with looks of your house.

For many years, even now, brown, beige and other contrasts of brown were used in the furniture and general decoration of house. These days we witness light and pale colors such as grey favorite among people. Also, it makes it easier for people to play with contrast that is light and dark etc. If you want to introduce a look of extravagancy that plush colors such as gray and camel ones together with lamps and soft light does the job. You can then have completely different look by adding rugs of different patterns in order to make the sitting casual or formal whatever you please.

Colors that were found to be too vibrant and loud such as violet and reds are now being used almost everywhere. So instead of investing in that huge couch that may as well take your entire years saving and which may not necessarily be in trends, experiment with different colored rugs. Also, when you find that the color has gone outdated or you are simply tired in your eyes with it, you can simply replace it with other. This is a solution that wouldn’t dig a hole in your pocket even if you do it on a yearly basis.

Area rugs that are of cool and pale colours such as light blue, mauve etc add peace and tranquillity in your house. These are best in the summers since they are actually cool to the eyes in comparison to shades of brown. These are some of the colours that never die off so you can be rest assured that you are always in the trends. Here one thing that is of importance here is that if you are going for these soft colour then keep away from black and white schemes of décor. This is because this combination is more valid for dark colours and not with these light and cool colours in terms of furniture and other interior.

Choose the most in colour of this season for your living and drawing room by browsing online for rugs. The area rugs can revitalize the look of your sitting areas now.

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