The War Z Review: A Painfully Executed Parody of a Survival Game

Posted by e280668993 on February 25th, 2013

The War Z myself. After all, I’ve been playing the game on and off since its alpha access for press began. I saw a lot of promise in the title, but then saw little improvement as time went on, and my view of the game was sullied with the whole Steam and Foundation launch brouhaha. Eventually, it became clear to me that at the game’s launch I had a pretty significant bias against the title. I’d seen its rough spots, reported on its controversy… I didn’t think it best for me to review the game as I wasn’t sure I could give it a fair shake.

Enter Blake Morse of the Week in Geek. Blake’s been a solid contributor to the site, RTSGuru and FPSGuru for months now. And he had also never played The War Z until I gave him access to my account. He’d only heard a very little bit about the controversy, and had passing familiarity with DayZ. In short, he was perfectly suited to approach the game from an unbiased standpoint as a gamer new to the title. I may have been more forgiving, even, given my time with the title’s early days. Without further ado, here’s Blake’s view on Hammerpoint’s The War Z.

Over the last few decades zombies have spread like a plague through pop culture and with them have come a slew of games looking to cash in on the craze. The War Z is a post-apocalyptic survival simulator that looks to get on board the money train of the current trend by putting you smack-dab in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Players must learn to adapt and survive by foraging for nourishment and weaponry to fend off the undead hordes and other survivors.

Unfortunately, The War Z offers up nothing more than a painfully executed parody of what a survival game should be. It attempts to ride the waves of success that popular ArmA II mod, DayZ has had but instead seems to take its shortcomings and amplify them into an experience that is dull at its best and frustrating at its worst.
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