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What Are Modern Computer And Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

Posted by chtipsonline on June 28th, 2020

The modern computer is used for various task and operations. Computers are electronic devices or gadgets which are used for arithmetic and logical operations which are performed in incredible speed.

Not only are these operations executed in speed but also in unbelievable accuracy. The computers nowadays can store huge amount of data into their external memory and also can be retrieve whenever user demands.

The modern computers are cheaper these days due to rapid development in computer technology made computer devices and peripherals cheaper and advanced.

The word computer is derived or taken from the Latin word "computare" which means to calculate or calculations. There are basically three functions of computer system that are:

The computer firstly accept data from the input devices like keyboard or mouse later this data or information is transferred to the processing unit of computer and later final output is presented with the help of output devices such as printers, monitors etc.

What is the Full Form of Computer?

C- Commonly, O-operated, M-Machine, P-Particularly, U-Used For, T- Technical, E –Education, R-Research.

Different Types of Computer System

There are four different types of computer system which are mentioned below.

  • Mini Computers.
  • Micro Computers.
  • Personal Computers.
  • Super Computers

Mini Computers:

These computers are small in size but the storage capacity of these types of computers is huge. The first minicomputer was built in 1960 by IBM Corporation [International Business Machines] and the name was PDP-1 .These computers were built for handling business applications and services.

These minicomputers are able to handle and access hundreds of computer simultaneously.

Microcomputers: These computers were built in 1970 they had microprocessor installed them therefore were called as "Micro Computer". They are cheaper, faster and powerful computers which are very useful computers.

PC-XT was the first successful micro computer which had 8088 family micro processor. They used 64mb RAM and approx 5GB of hard disk.

Personal Computers: The personal computers are also called as "PC". These computers are fast, cheap and small in size and can be installed in a small place.

They are mobile computers as they can easily transfer from one location to another for example laptops. The laptops run on battery where power is stored.

Using this computer one can play games, watch movies, download software, create animations and work on documents etc.

Supercomputers: They are the fastest computer when compared to others. They can perform billions and billions of instructions per second.

The supercomputers are used in artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, atomic research, weather forecast, scientific research and solving complex algorithms.

Basic Characteristics of Computer System.

The characteristics of computer have been changed dramatically due to the overall development and enhancement made in the computer technology field.

Some of the basic characteristics of computer system are mentioned below.

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Automatic
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • Memory

Let us try to discuss them in brief

Speed: A computer can work in mind blowing speed . The Speed of computer is measured in milliseconds, microseconds and picoseconds. Some of the modern computer can execute millions and millions of instructions per seconds.

The Speed of modern computer is considered to be the main characteristics of computer.

Accuracy: Not only computer can work in blazing speed it works in almost 100% accuracy. The accuracy of computer can be seen where numerous amount of complex calculations are done in fractions of seconds.

GIGO is a famous term used for accuracy which exactly means Garbage In and Garbage Out. Let me try to elaborate this term.

The errors which are occurred during process can be considered as human error because computer simply works on the input provided to them if the input is wrong or inaccurate the output will also be wrong or inaccurate.

Automatic: This term can be explained with the help of an example. Imagine you need to download a movie or software or data which is taking approx 2 hrs to download you need not to wait for computer to download that completely you just have to rely on computer to finish this process of downloading completely which is done fully automatically.

Many machines which are used in production area have been modified to perform certain task and operations automatically.

Diligence: The computer does not have human feeling and tendency like boredom, laziness or rebel the task or job provided to them are done with the same speed throughout with accuracy and perfection.

Due to this characteristic, computer and these modern machines are used in small and large organizations for better performance and increased productivity.


The computers are all rounder in nature they can perform several task pointed to them at a single given time. They can download software, movies or games simultaneously while download is in progress in can play games or listen songs or work on any other software like word ,excel ,PowerPoint or perform programming like PHP and Java.

Memory: According to me this is the best characteristics of computer as they can save huge amount of data permanently and can be recalled whenever we need.

Advantages of Computers

The modern computes has reached to each and every corner of human society just because of its usefulness they have made an important impact on our day to day life. Computers are used in small and big organizations, educational institutions, research etc.

Below I have mentioned few of the important advantages of the computer system

  • Education
  • Online Shopping
  • Research
  • Sports

Education: Life has changed so the traditional ways of learning and acquiring knowledge has been changed dramatically. Let me share one incident with you who changed my entire perception on computers and internet.

One day my grand mom came and asked how to prepare pizza in home without proper equipments? no one in the family had a proper answer to it so she went and juggled some recipe books with no result finally she decided to use internet and she just surf YouTube and Google for an hour . After finishing her research on pizza I just saw a spark in her eyes and after just 2 hours she was ready with an amazing pizza which I have never had in my life. So amazing.

In this short incident I was amazed with the power of computer and internet .In today’s scenario you can have every education online with your convenience

I have learnt programming like VB, PHP, MySQL etc on internet therefore many scholars have jumped into the conclusions that computer have made a great impact on education.

Online Shopping: The revolutionary aspects of computer with internet are online shopping you can purchase anywhere, anytime with numerous choices, and with good refund policy.

The number of sales happening in today’s generation is staggering.

Research: The scientist use computer as computer can solve complex to complex algorithms and problems in very less amount of time as well as they can store the data and information done while experimenting.

Supercomputer is used in such type of research which is considered to be the fastest and most expensive computer when compared to other computers like mini, micro, mainframe, and personal computer.

Sports: The computer are used in sports to store the previous and present records of the players. Computers are also used to store videos of the match so that players can watch them later and access the points where they can improve their game as a player.

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