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How to Choose the Right Garden Furniture

Posted by newsreader on June 29th, 2020

Now that the weather is improving you're probably looking to make the most of the sun, and want to spend time outside in your garden. If you need garden furniture, then here's what you need to look for. Read more at rattan sun lounger.

1. You'll want to know what you'll use your garden furniture for. Will you be sitting out there all day every day? Will you be looking to eat al fresco as often as you can?
2. It's important that you know how many people will be using the garden chairs and tables. Do you regularly entertain? Do you often have the grandchildren over? Is there only ever just the two of you?
3. Knowing what you need will also help you to choose the right garden furniture. Do you need several sun loungers, or just a couple of chairs and a table? Will you need more tables and chairs because you entertain? Will you want lower furniture for your children to be able to use?
4. Once you've decided what you need, you'll need to take into account how much space you've got, and then see if what you want and need is realistic. There's no chance that you'll get 8 sun loungers and 4 tables if you've got a tiny garden.
5. If you're going to be sitting out in your garden, then you'll need to know where the sun is in your garden, so that you can decide on the best sort of chair to make the most of your time outside. If the only place for a sun lounger is right up against a wall, or a fence, you might be better off with a chair.
6. You'll want to decide whether the furniture will live outside, or in the garage. Wooden furniture might be more expensive, but if treated well, it will last outside. Plastic furniture might be cheaper, but it can be more susceptible to frost, so might need to be garaged when it gets cold.
7. Once you've decided what garden furniture is right for you, you'll then need to determine exactly what you want. Do you want wooden tables, plastic chairs, with or without cushions and covers? What about a parasol, or garden lamps too?
8. You'll also want to work out how much use your furniture will really get. Will you try and snatch an hour or two after work? Will you be working from home outside? Will you be sitting reading, or looking after your children as they play outside?
9. You might want to think about colours too. Perhaps you want plastic furniture, but don't want it to be white, as you don't want your garden to resemble a caf?�. You might want your wooden furniture to match the colour of your fence, you might want bright colours, or you might want something more subdued.
10. It's easy to pay lots for garden furniture, but you don't have to. By thinking ahead, and getting what you need, you can get the garden table and chairs you need without it costing too much. However, you won't want to spend a fortune on furniture you'll hardly ever use, nor is it wise to scrimp and buy poor quality furniture that isn't really what you want just to save a bit of money. You'll want to get good value for money from your garden chairs tables and sun loungers.
Now you know what to look for, you'll be able to get the garden furniture you need without spending too much or too little.

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