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Big Five Games Hunting: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by paulgrahaam on June 29th, 2020

Big game hunting means hunting large terrestrial mammals or other big animals. These hunting usually happen for meat or for trophy or sports. From Africa’s “Big Five” games, this term has historically associated. The big five game involved five animals: lion, Cape buffalo, African elephant, rhinoceros and leopard hunting. But in North America, this game also involves white-tailed deer, bison, hartebeest etc.

Big Five Games Hunting


This type of hunting is usually occurred in North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. For food, this type of hunting indicates an ancient practice. Thousands of years ago, mammoth in groups were the main target for hunting. They used to hunt these with combination of large rocks, spears etc.

Methods keep changing over centuries. Ambush, stalking, trapping are main methods for doing big game hunting. To increase the effectiveness of one of these methods, calling and baiting can be used. 

The stalking is the method where hunter keeps following the animal until he can kill it. In case of following, camouflaging is the usual approach. Tracking is used to track down the animal for hunting. On the other hand, Ambush method includes attacking from blinds. In this case, hunter waits for the prey so that he can approach it with a blind attack.

In this big hunting game, portable weapons are used which includes bow and arrow, atlatls, firearms, spears and other bladed weapons. Among these, firearm is the most common weapon and among fire arms long barreled rifle is the most usable item. Skilled hunters usually use bow and arrow. Although this modern age, you can filter some necessary components as support during hunting.

There are many famous big game hunters. Among them, Frank Maurice and Yank Allen from Africa were quite popular. Frank Maurice is known as “Bunny” for his outstanding skill for hunting rabbits.

Considering the fact that hunting is still popular, big game hunting is conducted based upon some hunting ethics. Ethical hunting is always appreciable if it does not make an animal endangered or nearly extinct.

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