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Music Performing: Are Business Cards Still Relevant for Bands?

Posted by patriciajacobson358 on June 29th, 2020

Is handing out business cards that relevant while outside performing gigs? Well most certainly it is. I am able to return about 12 decades or so whenever the net (although popular) wasn't quite what it's in this era. Like I now still do, I was doing a huge array of gigs with my steel drum group Steel Tropics. We're doing for individuals in their houses, at corporate companies, weddings, malls, concerts and a lot of other places. It seemed back then we were handing out far more business cards afterward we now do.

One day I pondered the reason why this was . I mean the market has slowed down to the total amount of live gigs which are going around for many bands but we're still doing a wonderful number of performances. It was clearly clear to me that here we're in 2011 and nowadays with the world wide web, people want their advice instantly and can receive information on just about anything quite quickly usually with only a click or two. People today want whatever information they want so quickly and know they can get everything in their own speedily.

So for example let's say that your group is really on a gig playing some public outdoor shopping centre. A guy appears and talks with you men in between songs. He's obviously interested in your group. You talk with him and he inquires about your group. You inform him about your team however you decide that because you do not hand out as many cards as you accustomed to that you'll only send him to a group's site via word of mouth.

While this man can look up your group's name online but who's to say he may locate an entirely different group whilst performing a search for the group! Your team then overlooks this chance all because he had been given the opportunity to perform a vague search for the group but came across a different group and reserved somebody else instead! Believe me this occurs in any sort of business. Do not give him that chance to miss out in your own group.

Make it simple when these situations arise while in your own gigs. Maintain a lot of business cards handy in your pocket and hands a lot of these out. Do not even await folks to ask you to get a card. I mean you does not need to be on mind impolite about handing cards out on gigs. Be considerate in doing this.

Be very generous with handing out your cards as they're nevertheless an extremely cheap to fabricate and an extremely workable method for people to recall your ring and get in contact with you straight.

Whenever your principal customer requests for a card do not only give him one card give him a little stack of cards to his friends, business partners and loved ones. You might even leave some cards onto a place just before you depart your gigs just like a desk or any place that's in plain sight. Do not just dump a pile but organize them so that they look fine. Make it very simple for people to place your cards because you will never know who will pick up your business card as soon as your ring is outside performing.

With the low price of creating business cards nowadays, they're still a fantastic way for individuals to get in contact with you. You might not have too many people coming up to request your card but also make an attempt to hand out them whenever possible. For this day I have individuals who have held on my group's business card for several years which will still call on me to book us to play with steel drum music for them.

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