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Must-have features of Order Taking App for Restaurants

Posted by ythewait01 on June 29th, 2020

Implementing an order taking app is necessary for restaurants to improve efficiency and sales. It not only helps a restaurant business to grow but also works as a go-between to direct order requests to the kitchen.

Here are a few must-have features of order taking app for restaurants:

Push notifications

Push notifications are elementary features of any order taking app. It works as a double-edged sword. It assists restaurateur in running the app in a modern and definite manner. Remember, push notifications must be managed accurately. Send push notification in day time like before breakfast or lunchtime or even in the evening before dinner time. Avoid sending push notifications at late nights as they will not any impact on your sales.

In-app online ordering and mobile payments

In-app placing meal requests and mobile payments are the most vital features of Order Taking App for Restaurants. Now, there is no need for customers to stand in long lines or even touch high touch card readers while making payments. The customers may also pay for meals beforehand. Therefore, restaurant staff gets quality time to serve the guests.

Multiple platforms (app store & Google play)

These apps should be compatibly accessible on different platforms (App Store & Play Store). Multiple avenues make the app visible to all the user's looking for the restaurant ordering app. It makes easier for diners to use the app, and also make it visible on the different platforms. Also, it's necessary to check the app to work similarly and maintain the quality of apps on one platform.

Loyalty, rewards and discounts programs

An order taking app for restaurants enables to set up loyalty, rewards and discount programs for an eatery. Statistics have shown that about 37% of customers use mobile apps to search for discounts and redeem loyalty points. Besides these stats, if a restaurant owner offers loyalty rewards, then customer acquisitions may be five times higher compared to burning big holes in pockets on brand awareness.

Table reservation

Whether a restaurant is small or big, it won't be easy for guests to get a table at walk-in. These apps have features to cut down customer's frustration and arise from long waits to reserve a table. Table reservation allows restaurant staff to perfectly plan evening for their guests.

Staff management 

Efficiency is a must for any restaurant. Order taking apps has all the features to ensure restaurant staff is not underemployed. At the end of the month, the restaurant owners can track the employee's performance from the mobile application and further motivate them by entitling as an employee of the month.

Kitchen display system

The main focus of any restaurant owner is to ensure proper coordination between server staff, waiter and chef. When wrong orders are placed, the guests get annoyed, and chances are high of leaving bad reviews. It ultimately harms the brand presence and channelizes their efforts to produce the right order.

Bottom Line

Whether it's a restaurant owner or manager, the main focus is to increase sales. The above features are must in any order taking app for restaurants. The best applications are the ones that are both business or user-facing.

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