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Posted by adairsawyer on March 1st, 2013

Whenever you hear about a DUI attorney you may also hear about a criminal lawyer. The reason is simple. A DUI is a criminal offense, and therefore a criminal lawyer specializing in DUI needs to be hired to assist you in clearing your name in a DUI case.

To understand why a criminal lawyer or a DUI attorney is needed, you should first understand what a DUI is. DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is a serious crime in the United States as well as the rest of the world. DUI can also be referred to as DWI, or Driving While Intoxicated. You are considered to be driving under the influence when your Blood Alcohol Content count is 0.8% or more. When thinking of a DUI/DWI most people think of alcohol. However, you can also be arrested for a DUI if you are under the influence of certain drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.

DUI laws in most states are similar and can be described in one word – harsh. Even a first time DUI offender may end up paying thousands of dollars in penalties as well as expenses for various programs such as drug rehabilitation and community service. Then there are the legal expenses and lawyer’s fees. As you can see, being arrested for a DUI can put you in a very difficult situation and may change your life.

If you are convicted of a DUI, in addition to the monetary expenses, society and the law consider you a criminal. This may result in the loss of your job, social status, trouble with your relatives and friends, and possible bankruptcy. While you may be able to recover from some of these, getting a new job may be more difficult. You may also find that it's very difficult to immigrate to another country. These are just a few of the problems you could encounter. These reasons are why, if you are charged with DUI, you need a DUI attorney or a criminal lawyer who specializes in DUI.

What can a DUI attorney do for you? Their DUI experience can get you acquitted. Proving a DUI in a court of law is not the easiest task. The state has to prove beyond any doubt that you were actually driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. An experienced DUI attorney handling your case can make the state's job much more difficult. A DUI attorney will begin the process by sitting and listening to you and deciding the merits of your case. You are not charged for this initial consultation. Once you retain the assistance of a DUI attorney they will visit the scene where you were charged, talk to any witnesses who may have been present, and will begin preparing for a jury trial.

You may think you're saving money by fighting your case yourself, or hiring an inexpensive criminal lawyer with little DUI experience, but an experienced DUI attorney can ultimately you save money and your reputation. Getting your life back on track is what matters.

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A criminal lawyer specializing in DUI or a DUI attorney is the best person to handle your DUI/DWI case.

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