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Posted by milanshentu on March 4th, 2013

Sweater is always the most essential spring clothes for female. What type of sweater coat is the most suitable for you? Sweater coat consists of long, short, close-fitting and relaxed style of these. Today Asian fashion online store Korean Japan for everyone brings these matching pictures of 2013 new sweater coats, and Korean style sweater coat fashionable dress, the girls together to learn this spring clothing surge up.

Shallow short gray knitted sweater coat, five sleeve design, simple and agile, a young MM are straightforward lovely fashion temperament. Take a deep color rendering dress, style fashion with the sweet, really make people love. Cardigan sweater coat, with the design of simple, worn on the body without the feeling of being bound, comfortable feeling, very lazy. The big red long paragraph cardigan sweater coat, color is very bright, wearing beige wool knitting dress milk, is extraordinarily beautiful, beautiful.

Ice cream color short sweater coat, elegant pink color, gives fresh bright fashion sense. This light color sweater coat, choice of Floral Chiffon shirt +a word skirt in a dress, very sweet love. Gray color short sweater coat, fur collar and even warm hat design, practical, but also increase the fashion highlights. Wear funny style pattern of purple hair coat, and star pattern leggings, Japan style and dress personality, has made you bright eyes.

A thin girl, especially suitable to wear this body type design short sweater coat. This blue sweater coat, inner stripe neck pullover, enough to interpret the next-door girl’s fresh moving temperament. In this section of short sweater coat, denim colored sweater coat, inner cartoon pattern sweater, wear white leggings, integral collocation is very simple, give a person very refreshing, natural feeling. And yet lovely temperament of the girls next door.

Personality style dress like girls, when wearing a sweater coat, can abandon the conventional collocation method, which takes the design of an irregular white T, with grey leggings and Jane shoes, fashionable, attractive enough, but still have special Korean girls. Want to get rid of the winter coat jacket “obesity ", then proceed with a waist section of black cotton! This Black Padded slim waist design, very perfect, draw the outline of girl's waist curve, "downsizing" effect is very good! The cotton coat within a red sweater + plaid jacket, wearing shorts and leggings, is good.

Red jujube knitting cardigan sweater coat, light Cougar who spring dress collocation is not less a beautiful coat. This sweater lapel jacket, with white sweater and blue chiffon skirt, very next sister feeling. The high altitudes of the girls are very suitable for wearing the long version sweater coat, with boots to wear, the more the flavor! Blue wool coat the Korean style, with mosaic color scarf, sweater, jeans, showing a cool, minimalist street fashion charm.

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