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Fun Workout Games to Make You Fit

Posted by ritika on June 30th, 2020

Now forget about running, jogging or swimming, here is a list of 9 amazing Workout Games that you can play and be fit at the same time. Who says fun and staying fit cannot go hand-in-hand!

Few say that games like gully cricket or seven stones aren‘t a sport, but the truth is we have always played such games in our childhood. We discovered where to practice these alternative sports, in addition to getting in shape, will give us good moments of fun.

Top 9 Ultimate Workout Games for a fitter you.

Video games are seen with a sedentary and asocial activity by a large part of the Spanish population. The image of the child with the remote control in his hands neglecting the essential tasks to carve out a future is the typical image of the video game player, which is seen as a childish activity and pure entertainment.

This is changing in strides. Consoles are not just for gaming; they now improve your mind and body. New motion sensor technologies have been vital in popularizing 'exergames' or games that track your body movements and encourage active living. So put on your gym attire and start sweating! Having trouble buying gym accessories, rush to Decathlon- a platform where you will get all types of attires and tools for workout. Make the best use of the offers and deals! Use the Decathlon Promo Code and shop your heart out!

1. Ring Fit Adventure

The massive demand for this fitness game for Nintendo Switch has made it challenging to find Ring Fit Adventure in stores. It is not surprising, on its excellent proposal, integrated into the development of a video game. To perform the exercises with this set, we need the included Ring-Con accessory, a plastic ring with two handles on both sides, and a slot to connect the right Joy-Con.

2. Just Dance

The Ubisoft dance game is available in all formats; it is one of the best-selling games (yet) for the Nintendo Wii and the versions for the current consoles PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The way to burn calories In front of the console is dancing to the choreographies of more than 40 famous songs, covering all styles, from children's music to K-Pop (including BLACKPINK's hit Kill this love!).

3. Knockout League

The knockout league is one of the most recognized VR fitness games that puts its player through their pace in an arcade-style boxing game with immersing fights, making sure that the player moc=ves to box and duck and dodge the opponent.

4. Wii Sports

Wii sports are known to bring original, out-of-the-box kinds of games that make any player indulge in it for days. So if you are one of those players looking for a new game to try and also lose some kilos, this is the game for you. It offers sports, like basketball, tennis, golf, boxing, and baseball.

5. Wii Fit Plus

Wii fit plus is the advanced version of Wii fit, helping the player with aerobic, muscle strengthening exercises, balancing, yoga, and many more. By playing this game, the player creates his or her fitness regimes by getting habitual with the moves and exercises.

6. Zumba: Burn it Up

This amazing fitness game is the latest addition to the Zumba video game series. They offer private Zumba lessons that you can practice from the comfort of your home. They have 30 high-end energetic classes to make you sweat and your heart pumping.

7. Fitness Boxing

This full-fledged action RPG game makes you squat, crunch, and do all sorts of downward dogging to your way to a  fit body. Fitness boxing is your trainer in a virtual form that'll make you sweat and gets abs within a month!

8. Supershot VR

Supershot VR is no easy joke. This game will make you sweat and breathe slowly as it involves vigorous workout and movements. This game makes you stand in a situation wherein you have to defeat multiple enemies even if you're outgunned. 

9. Shape Up

Shape Up was created by Ubisoft for PS4. This is also one of the most tiring fitness game ever created. It is the only fitness game that was created in the game form.


Physical activity directly affects our health, helps prevent disease, and even the recovery after an illness. However, the whirlwind of everyday life sometimes prevents us from taking the time to go to the gym, run or go to the pool. With these helpful games, taking 15 min out from a hectic schedule and play a round or two for some mental clearance and body movement will help many to become a fitter and healthier self.

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