Italy property brings luck.

Posted by johnssmith00 on March 4th, 2013

Italy is a beautiful country in the south of Europe, so buying a property could bring only satisfaction. When you search for italica homes Italy you will find maybe the property of your dreams located in a Mediterranean climate.

Many real estate investors are looking for land, because the money making opportunities are high and the landscape is alluring. 75% of Italy is represented by mountains or hills, and 20% of the country is forested. The costs of apartments depend of the distance from the center of the towns. This can bring you the possibility of changing your life in a new and friendly country.

Italy is a composition of art, culture and heritage, since the old Roman empire and until now. If you plan for a holiday, italica homes Italy will bring you the best alternative. Huge mountains, for every budget, beautiful rural locations, the Italian Lakes, Venice or Tuscany, are so many great opportunities. You could also restore an Italian farmhouse villa and then re-sell it.

When speaking about Italy property, you must consider that the north of the country is more cosmopolitan, more open to other western countries. Near the lakes, the property is restricted, so here the prices are high. The south is frequently overlooked by tourists. The south is less economically developed than the north, but properties have high prices near the coasts. But don’t be bothered by the difference between north and south.

Since the integration of Europe into the EU, many foreign nationals began purchasing Italy property. The primary objective of the foreign nationals was to find affordable prices and a relaxing way of life, so they choosed rural areas. Today there are no restrictions in buying, with the exception of a higher purchase registration tax. The center of affairs is in the localities near Rome.

In recent years, property prices have increased. The market has a huge potential to grow. Every town council can raise the local taxes, called “imposto municipale” or “tassa comunales”. In getting a mortgage for a property, you must know that the borrowing limit are based on thirty percent of monthly income. Italica homes Italy can help you search the best possibility for you and your family.

If you would like to invest in Italy, you should know that tourist destinations are very expensive.

This is also true when investing in popular cities. Many eastern Europeans came to Italy for work and many of them established here. Italy is proud with its language and history, so you must take into account the learning of Italian language if you want a real experience. Italy, one of the most civilized countries in Europe, full of history and traditions, waits you to invest money and enjoy a new life.

Begin a new life with Italy property and Check out italica homes Italy for more information.

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