An Affordable Way to Make Your Home Smell Good

Posted by yankeedirect on March 4th, 2013

If you are looking for an affordable way to have your entire home smelling best without having to install any special equipment or hire any professionals, scented candles would be a great option. Candles have long been used in luxury hotels, spa resorts, and other popular vacation destinations to set a relaxing mood in the room.

Scented candles like Yankee Candles have been around for a couple of decades now and offer homeowners an affordable solution to making their home smell good. The best part about using a product like a Yankee Candle in your home is that they are made with real essential oils and fragrance extracts so they are safe for your family and your pets.

Let’s take a look at all the rooms in your home that would benefit from having a scented candle placed in them consider what scents would be ideal for that room.

The Kitchen: The kitchen is probably one of the smelliest rooms in the home due to the fact that it’s the room in your house where you will do most of the cooking. Food odors are some of the most powerful in the home and linger for a long time. Other factors that could contribute to bad smells in the kitchen include trash cans, garbage disposals, and a dishwasher. Scented Yankee Candles with fruit fragrances like Cherry, Orange, Vanilla, and Lemon would be great fragrances to use in the kitchen area.

The Bathroom: Perhaps the room in the home that holds the funky smells would be the bathroom. Sometimes keeping the bathroom clean is simply not enough as a little extra help from a Yankee Candle could be exactly what you need. The best part about the bathroom is that you can use Yankee Candle tarts for smaller areas in the home like the bathroom. Yankee Candle scents like Lavender, Clean Cotton, and Fresh Cut Roses would be perfect for the bathroom.

The Bedroom: Your bedroom may not have many unpleasant smells in it but it doesn’t mean that you may not want to bring in some nice fragrances in there from time to time. Yankee candle scents like Midsummers Night, Midnight Jasmine, and Soft Blanket would be excellent choices for the bedroom.

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This article is written by James Ferguson, who is also associated with Yankee Direct. Yankee Direct is an authorised Yankee Candle retailer and is part of "The Yankee Store" chain of Yankee Candle dedicated stores. As a group currently Yankee Direct is one of the largest Yankee Candle retailers in the UK. They offer various Yankee candle products like jar candles, votive candles, wax tarts, Yankee candle tart burner, cheap Yankee candles at discounted prices and much more.

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