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Posted by Johny Dean on March 4th, 2013

Nowadays, the classical black plunger working on interior clogged drains and the discomforting earth excavation involved in repairing almost all exterior damaged pipes have been replaced by modern equipment and procedures. All of these have the clear purpose of minimising effort and bringing the least prejudice to your home property and the environment. With the help of professionals, unblocking the blocked drains Birmingham is now simpler than ever.

Whether organic wastes and roots have blocked the drain pipes or the tubes have suffered section damage due to improper alignment or unstable foundations, if countless other problems have occurred, expert solutions are as numerous. Among these, rodding methods for the older pipe work, high pressure gas for unblocking sinks, toilets and showers, dye testing for leak checking and ingress traces, CCTV surveys for any type of fault finding, root cutting, as well as drain jetting Birmingham, are all efficient diagnosis and drain clearance methods in this city.

Drain jetting or jet vacuuming is probably the fastest method for removing debris, clearing blockages and solving installation backing-up problems. Moreover, it’s a subtle, effortless and cost-effective method for residential, commercial and industrial users alike. This drain jetting Birmingham devices use a high-pressure water source reaching 3,500 psi (a pressure washer or a reciprocating displacement pump), a pressure line of up to hundreds of meters in length, and a nozzle that pulls the line into the pipes and through the use of the hydraulic force, cuts through the debris and cleans the residues. This is also a necessary operation before any major pipe work, such as re-lining, in order to ensure that the operation is unobstructed.

The plumber’s snake or the drain snake is another drain clearing device which uses solely the mechanical force of an electric motor and a clockwise twisting cable available in lengths ranging from 40 to 80 meters in order to drive into the pipe and clear the sewer drain. Although this can also remove tree roots and it’s a fairly common product in specialised stores, it comes as very expensive for a home buyer and requires a high physical effort for manoeuvring the cable as well as special protection for eyes and hands, therefore, depending on the auger, you must take care.

Apart from pipe clearing operations such as drain jetting and electrical plumbing, for blocked drains Birmingham, diagnosis also has an essential part in maintaining any pipe work in good condition. The CCTV survey is a common inspection and diagnosis method in which a remote controlled camera system is fed into the pipes, transmitting the recorded information to an operating technician that is then able to see exactly what causes the blockage (usually tree roots) and to propose a course of action. Dye penetrating testing is another low-cost and widely applied inspection procedure that can locate the penetration points of ground water into the sanitary sewer system, thus preventing pipe degradation and water contamination.

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