Synergy has weathered the storm that bankrupted many a general contractor in Las

Posted by synergyllc on March 4th, 2013

Far too much has been said of the bleak picture for the construction industry in southern Nevada. Rusting skeletons of projects left undone, labor halls full of workers waiting for jobs, and thousands having left the state for work elsewhere have painted the picture of doom and gloom. And these trying times have bankrupted many a general contractor in LasVegas. However, Synergy has not only weathered this brutal storm, but stands at the ready to ride the next wave.

There’s no doubt the numbers are conflicting. Revised government data has shown that the construction industry has driven substantialeconomic and employment growth. Released figures show that construction employment gained for the eighth straight month in January, whereas construction spending in December showed nine month consecutive rise. And both were the highest levels in more than three years.

These need to be taken with a grain of salt, however. Frist off, they measured the construction industry as a whole, and not specific to any area. South Dakota has virtually no housing for its runaway construction industry, and played no small part in these numbers. But, even southern Nevada has seen some signs of life as well, with major renovations at several resorts either taking place or having been finished up. And, while the so called Fiscal Cliff was punted down the road as politicians are so apt to do, it still does little to nothing to address the aging and in some cases crumbling infrastructure that repair or replacement could spur more work around the country.

The people at Synergy knew full well that construction is sometimes a feast or famine business, and have wisely planned and invested with these facts in mind. While no one could have predicted the virtual stop that the industry had locally, the owners at Synergy knew that things would at some point slow down, and planned accordingly. This enabled them to not only survive, but they have grown during the current economic downturn. And, should things start to turn around, they are poised to take off like a rocket.

It’s this type of forward thinking that guides Synergy in everything they do. Perhaps that’s why since they opened their door as a general contractor in Las Vegas they’ve never been late or missed an appointment. Or why their customer satisfaction is so high or that most former customers gladly recommend them to family and friends for their contractor needs.

When you hire the folks at Synergy, you aren’t just bringing in one of the top las Vegas Electrical Contractor. You also are hiring a level of expertise and smarts that many other contractors didn’t possess. They’re departure from the marketplace is a testament to that. Rather, since Synergy has grown during the recession, they will bring a new level of care to your project, one that enabled them to thrive when others fell by the wayside.

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