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Posted by sophiamilller on March 4th, 2013

We have to face the fact that nowadays a kitchen is more than the place where a person just cooks. It can be the place where you welcome your quests, a place of interaction with friends and family, where you can have a cup of coffee while discussing stuff. And which room do you consider as your most private space if not the bedroom? The latest trends in furniture design are the bespoke kitchens and the bespoke bedrooms.

After planning the design of your dream kitchen, Matthew Marsden Furniture is the ideal workshop that you can choose to satisfy your requirements. Or, if you need some inspiration on how you want to arrange the furniture in your bespoke kitchens, you have to come to our showroom in Lancashire to take a look of some of our models of kitchens. Thus, you can find inspiration and you can form an opinion regarding the work we submit in order to accomplish the customer’s requirements.

You can have your bespoke kitchens and bespoke bedrooms at a reasonable price but with the finest materials. You can plan you kitchen both as a functional and a pleasant working environment and we can offer you guidance regarding the colours, materials and everything else that you want. Even if the space available is small and you find it a challenge to arrange the items in a kitchen, we can offer you guidance on how to distribute the kitchen furniture and gain more space.

The bedroom is the space where you can relax and depart from the daily chore. Just taking these ideas into account and you understand the necessity of creating the perfect haven. Our options of bespoke bedrooms offer you the possibility of obtaining this and much more, the bespoke furniture folding on your desires. This type of bedrooms offers a particular and unique touch to your house. Nothing is easier than adding glamour and refinement to your personal space.

Our business is to carefully handcraft all the furniture you desire, giving it a touch of individuality which will be specific only to the inhabitants of the home we work on at that moment. Furthermore, we meticulously work at every piece of furniture you want in order to maximize the space in the room and so that you can use the space at its full capacity. You will realize the harmonious way in which this type of furniture blends with the ambiance of the entire house, creating a sense of practicality and appeal even to the most extravagant person.

Not only do we offer you guidance through the entire process of handcrafting, but you also get the chance to meet the creator of this superb type of furniture himself. Matthew Marsden spends his days not being dressed in a formal manner but by wearing a jumpsuit and being covered in dust, crafting himself the furniture that you want. So this furniture will be the result of two skilled and dexterous hands that put passion in everything they create. By choosing our bespoke kitchens and bespoke bedrooms, even the most pragmatic person will end up by being satisfied with the final result.

Want a touch of uniqueness in your life and, namely, in your house? Contact us and we can offer you the best quality concerning Bespoke kitchens and Bespoke bedrooms!

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