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Remain Vigilant with Your Carís Tires to Prevent Accidents

Posted by rallyecoachworks on June 30th, 2020

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One of the most overlooked, yet important features on your car is its tires.  Consider that your tires support the entire vehicle, ensuring you can safely travel from place to place each day.  Becoming negligent with maintenance/replacement could end with disaster.  Thin, worn tires are no joke, putting you at risk for an accident or auto body damage.  Ensure you, other motorists, and your vehicle remain safe by staying aware of the condition of your vehicle’s tires.  

Simple Maintenance

It goes without saying that tires require air in order to carry out their intended purpose, but did you know proper inflation does so much more than merely ensure your tires are drivable?  It is important to ensure your tires are inflated to recommended standards in order to keep them functioning at their very best.  Taking time to regularly check your tires can increase the fuel economy in your vehicle and ensure you get the most out of your tires.  

Furthermore, inflating your tires to recommended standards ensures your tires remain stable, increases their responsiveness, and in turn offers enhanced traction and ease of operation.  When driving, hazardous conditions can appear out of nowhere, having your tires function at their best may be the difference between stopping in time or being involved in a serious accident.

Understanding Proper Inflation

You may be wondering what exactly happens if your tires are not inflated correctly.  There are two kinds of improper inflation, over inflation and under inflation, both of which are equally dangerous conditions.  Did you know that even inflating 6 psi under the recommended standard for your tires could cause them to fail?  Even worse, your tires will wear out much more quickly, typically up to ¼ faster due to under inflation.

Fuel economy is a common concern for most people as they see their hard-earned money quickly burned up every time they refuel.  Under inflated tires can decrease fuel efficiency, as much as 5% due to increased bending, and subsequent heat buildup.  All of these factors make it harder to steer your car, increasing your risk of accidents, as well as the possibility of harm to you, others, and your car.

Don’t make the mistake of overinflating your tires with the idea that you can forego the issue of under inflation.  It is crucial that you regularly check your tires and keep them precisely at the recommended psi.  As it turns out, over inflated tires can also cause dangerous issues.  Your tires are expected to take the brunt of road debris, bumps, potholes, and other unexpected items.  A properly inflated tire will stand up to the occasion, but an over inflated tire could burst and cause a dangerous situation when encountering these road conditions.

Keep A Sharp Eye on Tread

The tire tread is imperative in keeping you safe on the road.  Quality tread lends to a quicker response from your tires, helping you to drive safely during hazardous road conditions such as rain and snow.  Don’t wait till the very last minute to upgrade your tires.  Watch for signs of wear, particularly on your tires built-in wear bars.  These are placed to alert you when your tires are no longer considered legal by the 2/32” or above depth most states require.  Remember 2/32” is very minimal tread, making it wise to start thinking about new tires before your tires are on their very last leg.

Tire maintenance remains an important facet of safe travel.  Begin a routine of vigilance to avoid a costly accident from coming your way.  If you are involved in an accident be sure to call the experts at a reputable body shop to get your car repaired and back on the road ASAP!

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