Square Enix sheds light on Final Fantasy XIII-2's "To Be Continued" ending

Posted by kuaidiana on March 6th, 2013

If you've already reached the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2, odds are you're suffering from major sleep deprivation, and probably wondering what Square Enix was thinking by slapping a “To Be Continued” after the brief, final cutscene. Rest assured, Square Enix has confirmed (via Andriasang) this is not an omen for Final Fantasy XIII-3, but instead a hint the game is larger than you may think, and that true closure is coming in future DLC.

Explaining the abrupt finale during his appearance at the Taipei Game Show 2012 in Taiwan, director Motomu Toriyama said Final Fantasy XIII-2 has a number of Paradox Endings, and that the “To Be Continued” is the studio's way of encouraging aion kinah players to go back and dig up every possible conclusion.

Additionally, Motomu noted Square Enix has a significant amount of DLC planned for the Final Fantasy XIII sequel, meaning true closure might have to wait until development is wrapped for good. Upcoming add-ons include the addition of Lightning and Amodar to the forthcoming Coliseum Battle mode, plus an individual episodes for for Lightning. Future episodes for Snow and Sazh have also been hinted.

There you have it; mystery solved. Or is it? Have you seen the end? Let us know if you think Final Fantasy XIII-2's final moments stand on their own, or if Square Enix is effectively holding the real ending hostage.source:gamesradar.com.

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