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10 Productivity Apps Everyone Needs in 2020

Posted by jackhenry on June 30th, 2020

Many describe productivity as a state of mind and while that might be true, real productivity in the modern days has been facilitated by the advent of technology into the workspace. Many have found it useful to work with different apps to counter various issues that otherwise may have taken a long time. It can be difficult to search and select the correct application for you, we have selected a few applications that can boost productivity for any kind of working background. Here are a few applications that one should have to increase productivity.

  • Lucidchart

Lucidchart is an application that allows productivity management in a very simple interface. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can manage your productivity with impressive graphic elements and can also add your entire team to monitor their individual progress.

  • Calendar

No calendar app is better than Google’s. Acing task management all while automatically detecting events like meetings and adding them to your schedule are just some of the features that Google Calendar boasts. With regular use, the app learns your behavior and fine-tunes features according to your needs.

  • CloudApp

CloudApp is an application that allows you to take advantage of visual communication through features like screen recording, GIF making, webcam recording, and much more. The ‘free-forever’ plan is ideal for most uses but you can gain access to more features through the paid version.

  • Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is one of the best CRM softwares available right now. It allows you to significantly decrease the time for acquiring leads, managing databases, and provide a plethora of templates to send to a client. Hubspot CRM is a free-of-charge software.

  • Slack

Slack is a messaging platform that is used by major corporations of the world due to its easy-to-use functions that allow collaboration rather than isolation. You can create groups, streams, and folders, all of which can be used for different purposes. Slack is a nice option to boost productivity for employees.

  • Trello

Trello solves the problem of project management with its intuitive interface that allows information to be crystal clear rather than piling it up. Users have to use cards that account for smaller tasks of a bigger project. These cards can be assigned to several functions and progress through different columns once a department accomplishes their task.

  • Hootsuite

Ever wanted a comprehensive platform to handle all your social media accounts? Hootsuite is your answer to eliminating confusing interfaces, cluttered notifications, and complicated processes on several social media platforms. A single interface allows you to update Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages without requiring you to open several tasks for every single account. Hootsuite also allows time scheduling of posts which is a unique feature that many brands can take advantage of.

  • Toggl

Toggl is a perfect productivity tracker app which accurately tracks your working time spent on a system. The application is available on all platforms and allows you to analyze your productivity through a detailed report which is sent by the end of the day. Zapier is a perfect tool for people who work on a freelance basis.

  • Zapier

Zapier is your answer to all the questions that spiral around the idea of connectivity. Zapier connects applications that normally wouldn’t. For example, you can download all your attachments from Gmail and send them directly to your Dropbox and then be alerted on Slack once the uploading is done.

  • HelloSign

This software eases the process of attaching a digital signature to any document. All you need to do is draw your signature into the app’s drawing board and save it for signing any documents. Once you have a scanned copy of the document, the application lets you upload the document and attach the signature. All the documents signed by HelloSign are legally bound, thus making it a perfect solution to you signing your documents.

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